Studying in Hollywood

Ben Chairnoff

My first week of classes in Los Angeles ended with an evening at the Hollywood Bowl to see John Williams himself conduct his most famous pieces from “Star Wars,” “Indiana Jones,” “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” and more. It was a surreal way to begin what turned out to be a surreal semester. Almost every aspect of this semester has a magical quality to it. In my classes, my professors routinely namedrop creatives I idolize. At my internship, I get to read the scripts for projects I had previously heard about and been looking forward to seeing. When I have free time, I can go see “Raiders of the Lost Ark” in a theatre, catch a postseason baseball game at Dodger Stadium or drive down to Disneyland for a day. During every moment of my time in Los Angeles, there is usually something I am finding hard to believe.

Ben Chairnoff is a senior in the television, radio and film program at the Newhouse School.