Statement from Dean Mark J. Lodato

A little under two weeks ago, I sent a message about Lunar New Year that was meant to observe and celebrate the occasion and recognize the multicultural nature of the Newhouse community. It is very important to me—in fact, one of my top priorities as dean—that the Newhouse School is an inclusive, welcoming and comfortable place for everyone. Unfortunately, for some in our community, my message had the opposite effect. By including Hong Kong and Tibet alongside China in a list of countries, I implied that they are not part of China; however, I know that is incorrect. It was a mistake to present the list that way, and I apologize.

Some students have reached out to me and I have met with some of them individually. I appreciate the opportunity to hear directly from them and any student who shares the same concern about my message. I always want to learn from students’ input and insights. If any student still wants to discuss the message, or anything else about making Newhouse an inclusive place for all, my door is always open. It is important for me to be exposed to multiple perspectives, and to continuously expand my knowledge as I work to be the best dean I can be for the Newhouse School.

Mark J. Lodato