Post (production) Up In LA

Chiara Ruggiero

So far, my time in Los Angeles has been incredible and irreplaceable. The vibe and culture of LA is so unique, and it’s simply inspiring to exist in such a hub of creativity. 

Not only is it incredibly influential to be around such talented and skilled professionals, but it is even more powerful to have the opportunity to work and learn from them. During my time as a visual effects intern at Filmworks FX, I have pursued my passion for VFX and post-production, working alongside accomplished artists and absorbing a litany of skills no textbook can teach. This experience has truly been life-changing for me. From experiencing the vibrant LA weekends, workshopping with my peers, enjoying the sunshine at the beach and thriving in an environment of creativity, I know Newhouse LA has solidified a sense of belonging and purpose in my life that I would not change for the world.

Chiara Ruggiero is a senior television, radio and film major at the Newhouse School.