Photo Gallery: Orange Central Recap at the Newhouse School

A look back at the 2023 Orange Central weekend events at the Newhouse School, from alumnus Bob Costas’ discussion Friday with students about storytelling, and the Newhouse Diversity Alumni Reception, to a breakfast gathering Saturday for graduates to catch up with classmates before the Clemson game.

Bob Costas ’74 Visits Newhouse

The Hall of Fame broadcaster shared insights with students during the Leaders in Communications lecture series event Friday inside a packed Joyce Hergenhan Auditorium. (Photos below by Genaro C. Armas)

2 men sit in chairs and talk into microphones
Bob Costas ’74 speaks with John Nicholson, former director of the Newhouse Sports Media Center, at the Leaders in Communications lecture series event.
a mean sits in a chair and talks into a microphone
2 men sit in chairs and talk into microphones
a student in a crowd asks a question into a microphone

Costas talks Newhouse before the Clemson game

“What’s happened is, it’s built on itself, it’s become self-fulfilling. It already was a great communications school, both print journalism and broadcasting. But then, as more and more of us of note went here, the legacy built on itself. And it isn’t just that people are getting a quality education‑we’re getting, by and large, the cream of the crop, because those who have some ability and some real passion and inclination for it, are gravitating to this place.”

_Costas when asked about what it means to be part of the Newhouse alumni legacy.

Diversity Alumni Reception

Photos by Arthur Maiorella

a man smiles at people
3 people smile and talk to each other holding plates of food
three people smile and pose with signs in front of a repeating background
a girl smiles and poses with a sign in front of a repeating background
2 men stand together and smile
a woman speaks into a microphone while other people look on
4 people smile and pose in front of a repeating background at a reception

Dean’s Breakfast

Photos by Arthur Maiorella unless otherwise noted.

a man smiles and talks to a family sitting and eating at a table
three men talk
people smile while eating breakfast
a sign on a table
two women pose together and smile
two people pose together in front of orange balloons and smile

Photos by Genaro C. Armas

Arthur Maiorella is a junior in the visual communications program at the Newhouse School.