Outstanding Teaching

Two advertising professors at the Newhouse School were recognized for outstanding teaching in Graphis Advertising Annual 2020.

Mel White and Kevin O'Neill
Mel White and Kevin O’Neill

Professors of practice Mel White and Kevin O’Neill were among 10 faculty members from advertising programs worldwide to be included on the publication’s list of 2019 Platinum Award-Winning Advertising Instructors. They teach Newhouse’s creative advertising courses, Portfolio I, II and III.

Instructors chosen for inclusion on the list are those whose students won Platinum Awards in the 2019 Graphis New Talent Annual, Advertising Division. The annual “presents award-winning work from instructors who have challenged and inspired their students to achieve brilliance in their respective disciplines,” according to Graphis.

White won two Platinum Instructor Awards, and O’Neill won one Platinum Instructor Award. Both were interviewed about their experience teaching creative advertising to Newhouse students.

“I find it very rewarding when I see the ‘a-ha moments’ with the Portfolio I students when they finally understand and embrace the process of how to create unexpected ideas for brands,” White said. “In Portfolio III, the students continue to amaze me with their unexpected use of digital and experiential mediums [and] their use of new technologies for brands.”

“The portfolio program… has a single ambition: to graduate students whose portfolios emphatically meet the demands of the marketplace,” said O’Neill. “Our record of achieving that is dramatic and enduring. The creative departments of America’s leading agencies are filled with our graduates.”

Platinum Award-winning student work

Graphis Platinum Award-winning ad by Keren Mevorach '19
Tide to Go “Ketchup” print ad, created by Keren Mevorach’19 in White’s Portfolio I course
Graphis Platinum Award-winning ad by Yuxin Xiong '19
Doritos Poster “Classic Movie Bite” campaign, created by Yuxin Xiong ’19 in O’Neill’s Portfolio II course
FUJIFILM Instax “Catch the Moment” print ad campaign, created by Zhixin Fan ’19 in White’s Portfolio I course