Newhouse students win big in AEJMC Student Magazine Contest

Newhouse students took 10 awards, including six top prizes, in the recently announced AEJMC Student Magazine Contest. This showing made Syracuse University the biggest winner overall in this year’s contest, doubling the five wins taken by the closest competitor.

Winners and honorees came from a variety of Newhouse sources including The 61% Project, Deconstructing the Divide, The NewsHouse, Socially Driven, the military program’s SALT magazine and a team from Adam Peruta’s online master’s class.

Congratulations, winners!

Magazine Media

Single Issue of an Ongoing Magazine – Design

Runner Up: SALT 2021
The SALT Magazine Staff
Advisers: Nancy Austin, RC Concepcion, Renée Stevens, Bruce Strong, Claudia Strong, Amy Toensing

Magazine Launch

Temple of Kore
C Arce, Hanna Baram, Kiran Boyal, JD Lader, and Lucinda Strol
Adviser: Adam Peruta

Runner Up
Socially Driven
The Socially Driven Staff
Advisers: Melissa Chessher, Adam Peruta

Consumer Magazine Writing Awards

First Person: Personal Essays and Narratives

Mean-mugged, Misgendered, and Marginalized
River Nguyen Chau for The 61% Project
Advisers: Melissa Chessher, Adam Peruta

ISO Community
Joey Pagano for Deconstructing the Divide
Advisers: Greg Munno, Jon Glass

Service: How to and Explanatory

7 Ways College Undermines Students’ Mental Health
Tess Greenberg and Danielle Wolfenson for The 61% Project
Advisers: Melissa Chessher, Adam Peruta

Features: Reported Human Interest in a Specific Topic Area

Our Poisoned Kids
Sydney Gold for Deconstructing the Divide
Advisers: Ashley Kang, Jon Glass

Places: Travel or Stories about Places

Visualizing 81
Amanda Paule for Deconstructing the Divide
Advisers: Dan Pacheco, Jon Glass

Pandemic stresses already suffering LGBTQ+ bars
Allison Ingrum, The NewsHouse
Advisers: Terry Egan, Jon Glass

DEI: Articles Focusing on Issues of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

My Dorm Room Was a Place That Gave Me Anxiety
by Olivia Zimmerman, The 61% Project
Advisers: Melissa Chessher, Adam Peruta

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