Newhouse students make impressive showing at ACP Clips & Clicks fall contest

With 13 winners and a full sweep of the Broadcast Features category, Newhouse students had an impressive showing in the Associated Collegiate Press’ Clips & Clicks fall 2022 contest.

NCC News ranks second and The NewsHouse fifth on the Leaderboard. The NewsHouse won the annual contest last year, and the year before the prize was awarded to the Newhouse School for a combined win by Jerk, NCC News and The NewsHouse.

Congratulations to everyone on your honors!

Broadcast News Story

1st Place: Green National’s legion of lawsuits spur on little progress, Alaina Losito, Morgan Scott, Adriana Loh (NCC News)

2nd Place: Retirees call for more social security money, Peyton Spellacy (NCC News)

Broadcast Feature Story

1st Place: Paying forward the American dream, Louise Rath (NCC News)

2nd Place: A Legen-dairy teacher, Nicole Aponte (NCC News)

3rd Place: Micron, abortion on the minds of Clay voters in midterms, Chilekasi Adele (NCC News)

 4th Place:  SU’s Secret Society of Music Makers, Louise Rath (NCC News)

 5th Place: Never Stand Still, Averi Coppa, Manuel Serrano (The NewsHouse)

Feature Photo

2nd Place: Fair flyover, Kayla Breen (The NewsHouse)

Sports Photo

2nd Place: Loose Ball in Brooklyn, Isaiah Vazquez (The NewsHouse)

4th Place: QB on the go, Isaiah Vazquez (The NewsHouse)

Feature Story

4th Place: CNY Pickleball community flourishes on and off campus, Natalie Rieth (The NewsHouse)

Honorable Mention: Daley’s Technicolor Dream Coat, Eden Stratton (Jerk)

Sports Story

4th Place: Hype and hope build for Sean Tucker’s place in the Heisman Trophy race, Desi Gillespie (The NewsHouse)