Newhouse Junior Interns for New York Post, Interviews Former Syracuse Basketball Coach Jim Boeheim

Pitch, review, write—the continual cycle of a journalist and a process I became ever so familiar with as the New York Post sports intern during my time in the Newhouse NYC off-campus program last semester.

Shovlin’s first day at the New York Post during her time at Newhouse NYC. (Photo by Mandi Shovlin)

Coming from the Newhouse ACC Network studio shows and CitrusTV during my time on main campus, the experience of writing four to six articles in a day was shocking at first, but was soon the norm. Throughout the day, I would communicate with my supervisor for article assignments and reporters in the office to keep up to date with our publication.

Finally understanding the volume of my platform, I wanted to take on bigger stories. Adrian Autry, the new face of Syracuse men’s basketball, was preparing for his first season as head coach. This was the story I wanted to tell.

A feature article for the Post’s 2023 College Basketball Preview was the end goal. However, this was a feat not to be done alone.

I decided to ask Andrew Crane, a sports reporter and producer at the Post, to write the story with me. As a 2022 Newhouse graduate and also the former New York Post sports intern in 2021 during his Newhouse NYC semester, Andrew had the expertise needed to help me write a great article.

Understanding our responsibility to the new “Autry Era” of Orange basketball, we researched and compiled a list of sources to contact and interview. No person was too big or too small.

With aligning schedules, Andrew interviewed Autry. My delegated interview: former men’s basketball head coach Jim Boeheim.

My eagerness and Andrew’s reassurance of my abilities outweighed any nerves I had felt. As the main interviewer during our Zoom call with Boeheim, I prepared thoughtfully, knowing the importance of the fluidity of our conversation. All went well, and the fun and insightful conversation left me reflecting on how truly excited I am to hold a career as a storyteller.

As the NY Post sports intern, Shovlin was able to cover live events such as Syracuse vs. Pitt at Yankee Stadium. (Photo courtesy of Mandi Shovlin)
Shovlin attended the New York State Broadcasters Association Luncheon with Newhouse NYC. (Photo courtesy of Mandi Shovlin)

Like a fun puzzle, Andrew and I figured out how to weave our voices and information together into a solid article. We finally had a set deadline and length to reach. It was full steam ahead.

I was writing on the drive to Syracuse University family weekend, working at night to align shifts with Andrew, taking interviews in the Fisher Center in between classes and transcribing interviews on New Jersey Transit, all while reporting progress into my supervisor.

Write, revise and write again. This process continued until we were proud of and gratified with the story we had written. Endless emails bouncing ideas and storylines back and forth had all come together to tell one cohesive story of Autry’s journey back to Syracuse University.

The print version of Shovlin and Crane’s article. (Photo courtesy of Mandi Shovlin)

On Nov. 6, 2023, I shared a byline with Andrew in the Post’s print and digital editions for the story. The headline for the print edition: “AA Battery.”

At the end of the day, this article and internship never would have happened without the support of Newhouse NYC. I walked away from my semester and internship a better, more confident journalist who’s always ready to take on a story, like when I got to report on Syracuse’s big football game against the University of Pittsburgh at Yankee Stadium for a Sunday edition of the paper, complete with a tight deadline.

Now back on campus in Syracuse, I am eternally thankful for the perspective-shifting mentors, leaders and professionals I met during my semester.

I can’t wait to pitch, review and write again.

Mandi Shovlin is a junior in the broadcast and digital journalism program at the Newhouse School.