My top 5 study spots

Since arriving on the Syracuse campus, I have never felt at a loss for study spots both on and off campus. Here is my top five list rated according to three factors: noise level, comfort and eating options. 

Recess Coffee on Westcott

Noise: Loud

Comfort: Meh

Food: Quality

Recess is an off-campus café that tends to be packed on the weekends. The workers are some of the best people you’ll meet with dope styles and friendly smiles. They blast all types of music and take recommendations.

I go there mainly for their breakfast options and excellent coffee, although beware: These options are on the expensive side. 

There are tables and chairs indoors and outdoors. However, the space is small so they are furnished with uncomfortable chairs and tables that, for good or bad, won’t allow you doze off watching Netflix. 

Panasci Lounge, Schine Student Center

Noise: Can-hear-a-bag-zip-across-the-room-quiet. 

Comfort: Excellent

Food: None

The Panasci lounge a particular favorite. It is right across the way from Newhouse, and up the stairs from the food court. It is super quiet up there which means productivity levels are always firing. They have a mixture of comfy couches and tables with chairs, allowing some to bliss out and others to crank out the entire semester’s assignments.

There are no food spots inside the lounge, but there are plenty of food options one floor below in the Schine food court like Panda Express, Core Life and Dunkin’ Donuts. The line gets long so try your best to avoid peak times but otherwise, this lounge is a must-see when you’re trying to get something done at the last minute

Freedom of Espresso

Noise: Comfortable

Comfort: Chipper 

Food: Coffee, yay! Food, nay. 

Freedom of Espresso is downtown but definitely a must-visit. Their coffee is impeccable, but their food offerings only extend to the occasional croissant or muffin. However, across the way is a sandwich store called Boulangerie; and I’m going to say it: straight heaven. 

The café is warm and friendly. The off-campus feeling really helps; I got deep into some nasty assignments in the corner of their store. Also, it’s dog-friendly!

Bird Library

Noise: Non-existent

Comfort: It’s a library

Food: Do-able

Bird is a convenient on-campus spot next to Schine. It allows access to computers and printers, and there are options to reserve spots for your study groups. There is a café around the back and some vending machines all over. There is the general mixture of tables, chairs and couches and a mixed audience of undergrad and graduate students from all over.

Noise: Oh, boy

Comfort: Doable

Food: Again, doable

Many Newhouse students prefer to stay within Newhouse to work and there are many secret spots to find (the Chicago room is my go-to for the quiet so I can record interviews). is the central space where all students gather between classes for lunches and dinners. The actual food, I haven’t given a real chance—I’m always whisked away by Marshall Street or Schine next door. It’s a great space to see old friends, but it’s very loud. 

Honorable Mentions: 

Salt City Market for the café vibe. 

Carnegie Library for the quiet. 

Writer Jamey Bulloch
Jamey Bulloch

Jamey Bulloch is a graduate student in the  magazine, news and digital journalism program at the Newhouse School.