Mowers Endow Newhouse Professorship of Persuasive Communications

Eric Mower ’66, G’68 can still name individual professors he had more than 60 years ago as a student at Syracuse University. “I have indelible memories of professors who thrilled me,” says Mower. Interestingly, the most memorable ones for him taught subject areas across disciplines—religion in literature, American political theory in constitutional law, philosophy through European history. “It’s not necessarily just what they taught, but also how they taught. I even remember the questions they posed!”

Fellow graduate and wife Judith C. “Judy” Mower ’66, G’73, G’80, G’84 shares his conviction that a great professor can make a profound difference in a student’s approach to learning. That belief drives their latest gift to the University.

“At the very heart of its academic value, Syracuse University continues to build upon the excellence of its faculty—excellence that is found, nurtured, developed and celebrated,” says Judy Mower. “As the University increasingly heightens its already impressive reputation in academia as a special place, there are no boundaries to what we can achieve as a learning community.”

In support of nurturing and growing faculty excellence, the Mowers have made a gift to establish the Mower Endowed Professorship of Persuasive Communications in the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. Their $1.3 million gift to create the professorship is enhanced by a $666,000 commitment by the University through the Forever Orange Faculty Excellence Program.