Meet Emma Johnson

Emma is a talented and driven Newhouse student who is making waves as a 2024 Weiss Center Ambassador. With her passion for advertising, marketing and public relations, Emma is poised to become a rising star in the dynamic world of communications.

Emma Johnson sitting on a flight of stairs

A Double Threat: Advertising Major and Marketing Minor

As a student in the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Emma is pursuing a major in advertising. Through her coursework, she is mastering the art of persuasive communication, creative strategy and brand management. But Emma doesn’t stop there – she has also chosen to complement her advertising major with a minor in marketing from the Martin J. Whitman School of Management. This powerful combination allows Emma to explore the fundamental principles of marketing strategy, consumer behavior and market analysis, providing her with a comprehensive understanding of both the creative and analytical aspects of the field.

Stepping Out of Her Comfort Zone

As a 2024 Weiss Center Ambassador, Emma is driven by her curiosity to explore the dynamic relationship between healthcare and advertising. She sees this opportunity as a chance to step out of her comfort zone and embrace new challenges. Emma’s goal is not just to spread awareness about the Weiss Center, but to foster meaningful connections and spark engaging conversations within the Newhouse community.

Engaging the Next Generation

Emma understands the power of social media in reaching and engaging younger audiences. By leveraging platforms like Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, she aims to raise awareness about the Weiss Center’s initiatives among her peers. Emma’s creative ideas, such as a “day in the life” series or Instagram takeovers, showcase her experiences as a college student and make the Weiss Center more relatable and accessible to her fellow students.

Creativity and Engagement

Drawing from her experience in student organizations like TNH, Emma knows how to create captivating content that drives engagement. Whether it’s producing compelling videos or tapping into the latest TikTok trends, Emma has a knack for capturing her audience’s attention. Her passion for creativity extends beyond academics, as she finds inspiration in her family, music and philanthropic endeavors.

Balancing Act

Balancing a busy schedule is no easy feat, but Emma thrives on organization and prioritization. With meticulous planning and effective time management, she successfully juggles her responsibilities while still making time for regular exercise and self-care to recharge and stay focused.

Resilience in the Face of Challenges

Like any journey, Emma has faced her fair share of challenges. From managing client expectations to handling unexpected setbacks, Emma’s resilience shines through in times of adversity. Through problem-solving and teamwork, she navigates challenges with grace and determination.

A Beacon of Positivity and Professionalism

At her core, Emma values kindness, optimism and a commitment to excellence. Whether collaborating with colleagues or interacting with clients, Emma brings positivity and professionalism to every endeavor. Her unique blend of creativity and compassion sets her apart, making her an invaluable asset to the Weiss Center and the Newhouse community. As Emma continues her journey at Syracuse University and beyond, there is no doubt that she will make a lasting impact in the world of communications. With her talent, drive and infectious positivity, Emma Johnson is a rising star to watch.