Media Hits: January 2022

Every month, media outlets around the world consult with the experts at the Newhouse School for context on what’s happening in communications and why. Here are some of this month’s stories:

Jennifer Grygiel

Associate Professor

Media hits

“It’s starting to look like whoever can exploit Facebook the most wins. Anything goes, selling drugs, selling weapons, fencing goods.”

Jennifer Grygiel

Media hits

“This is a lawsuit over an editorial, essentially an opinion. This is a potentially dangerous area. If we give public officials a green light to litigate on editorials they disagree with, where’s the end?”

Roy Gutterman

“Betty White’s career in television goes back, for all intents and purposes, before television. Nobody had a TV in 1939.”

Robert Thompson

“If I can count on one thing, as I look at the history of the music business, it’s that you can always count on folks saying people are paying too much for publishing assets. And generally, they’re not.”

Bill Werde