Luttrell and Smith co-author review on biography of public relations icon

Regina Luttrell, associate professor of public relations and associate dean of research and creative activities, and Phoebe Smith, a graduate student in the Newhouse School’s media studies program, co-authored a review of the book “Betsy Ann Plank: The Making of a Public Relations Icon.” The review was published in Journalism & Mass Communication Educator.


Betsy Plank was one of the most impactful and well-known public relations practitioners of her time. In their review of the book, “Betsy Ann Plank: The Making of a Public Relations Icon” by Karla K. Gowermedia studies graduate student Phoebe Smith and associate dean Regina Luttrell chronicle her formidable life as a PR pioneer who shaped the field of public relations as we know it today. Smith and Luttrell systematically outline the four principles found within the book: 

1. Public relations is rooted in democracy 
2. Religious faith and public relations are connected  
3. Public relations is a profession 
4. Public relations is gender neutral