Los Angeles: Staying In and Stepping Out Of The Comfort Zone With Newhouse LA

Marley Volk

As someone from Los Angeles, I wasn’t sure how the Newhouse LA semester would and would not challenge me. I wasn’t sure if it would just feel like summer with classes (as I always intern in the summers, so that would remain consistent), or if it would really feel like college. With Newhouse LA, I’ve been able to experience new activities and classes I haven’t experienced before. This Saturday, for the first time in 20 years, I hiked to the Hollywood Sign. Being a tourist in your own city is fun, and I’m glad I got to experience something new and be able to say I hiked to the Hollywood Sign. Although driving throughout LA traffic is something I’ve been doing for years, it is just something you never get used to. It’s different having to drive 45 minutes to class, rather than a 10 minute walk from your apartment like on the SU campus. However, the destination is also different. I have completely stepped out of my comfort zone when it comes to Newhouse LA. The three-hour long classes to the 12-hour school days are new for me. Taking the acting class with Barbara has had me completely step out of my comfort zone in its entirety! From the quick thinking to adapting to immediate changes to becoming a new person instantaneously, Barbara has already taught me invaluable lessons in life, all while pushing me to really take on the role of an improv actor. Overall, the Newhouse LA experience is one that bonds us all together with our 12-hour days to the vulnerable acting class and the various activities we do as a group. I’m loving this semester!

Marley Volk is a junior in the Bandier program for recording and entertainment industries at the Newhouse School.