Long Islander in LA 

Jace Rodrigues
Jace Rodrigues

Coming from the East Coast, I didn’t know what to expect when it came to living in California.

First and foremost, I surely can say I’ve learned that gas over four dollars per gallon is normal here, that “freeway” is the only word used in place of “expressway” or “highway” and that the 90 degrees in October is quite possible!

While the city of LA is quite the opposite of New York, the opportunities are endless. I have been working as an artist management intern at Friends at Work since late September. Here, I am in an assistant-type role for a full-time artist manager and day-to-day manager.

Experiencing this internship in-office has made all the work so much more real. Since COVID, I haven’t had a chance to physically be where the action is, and I am finally getting to do that! As this is my last semester of college, I am taking advantage of the professional development the program has to offer by connecting with alumni, mentors and professors, and taking an in-person internship downtown.

I also have absolutely loved exploring West Hollywood, where my roommates and I are living!

Jace Rodrigues is a senior in the Bandier program at the Newhouse School.