Life in Los Angeles for a Newhouse LA Student

Spencer Haines

My experience in LA has been extremely transformative. I initially came to Los Angeles with many negative, preconceived notions of the people and environment I would eventually grow to love. My advice to anyone coming to LA for the Newhouse LA semester is to come with an entirely open mind and say yes to as many things as you possibly can. Some of the best experiences I’ve had in Los Angeles I originally had to force myself to go to. You never know at what event or concert you’re going to meet your next great connection or future employer. As far as eventually wanting to work in the music industry, there is no better place than Los Angeles to build your network. Meeting people in LA with similar passions to me has been incredibly effortless. Whether going out to concerts, meeting for coffee or just going out for a drink, you run into some of the people that will eventually become your best business associates and people you will eventually rely on. Creating a network of people that can lean on each other for help and advice is crucial for your success in the business and has been for me. Newhouse LA has given me the opportunity to live and work in the entertainment capital of the world, while taking some of my favorite classes in all of my years at Syracuse. The Newhouse LA program gives me the opportunity and a schedule that allows me to work an amazing internship and gain real world experience before I actually enter the workforce and move out west after graduation.

Spencer Haines in a senior in the Bandier program for recording and entertainment industries at the Newhouse School.