LA, I appreciate you

Lexi Shrem
Lexi Shrem

I arrived in LA a little over a month ago to embark on my SULA semester journey.

One overwhelmingly common theme I have noticed during my first month here in LA is appreciation. The more time I have spent here, the more I feel I have adopted this quality many Californians seem to have: appreciation. I appreciate being outside. I appreciate the sun. I appreciate the abundance of food trucks. I appreciate heading to work sitting in awful LA traffic, blasting my music, observing the people around me and the nature around me.

This semester I am interning at Deep Cuts Music Publishing, where I assist with discovering new artists and pitching demos to record labels. I am also interning at Applause, a virtual concert streaming tech startup platform, where I book shows and strategize brand growth.

I appreciate each and every co-worker, professor, peer and stranger I have had the privilege of interacting with here in LA.

Lexi Shrem is a senior in the Bandier program at the Newhouse School.