Isabelle Kelly: Bridging Healthcare, Innovation and Communication

Isabelle Kelly, a talented dual degree student at Syracuse University, is making her mark as a 2024 Weiss Center Ambassador. With a passion for public relations, finance and healthcare, Isabelle is poised to become a trailblazer in the ever-evolving landscape where these fields intersect.

Isabelle Kelly headshot

A Dynamic Duo: PR Prowess and Finance Finesse

As a Newhouse student, Isabelle is honing her skills in strategic communication, media relations and campaign management through her public relations major. Simultaneously, she is studying finance at the Martin J. Whitman School of Management, gaining expertise in financial analysis, investment strategies and business operations. This unique combination of disciplines equips Isabelle with a well-rounded understanding of both communication and financial realms.

Born to Make a Difference

Isabelle’s passion for healthcare runs deep, as she was born into a family of medical professionals. With a physician father and sisters pursuing careers as physician assistants, Isabelle recognized the vital role of healthcare accessibility and communication from a young age. When the opportunity to become a 2024 Weiss Center Ambassador arose, she saw it as a perfect alignment of her passions and aspirations.

Fresh Perspective and Engaging Strategies

As the youngest of six children, Isabelle brings a fresh perspective to her role as an ambassador. Focusing on promoting the Weiss Center to the Newhouse community, she envisions utilizing social media and word-of-mouth campaigns to keep people informed. Isabelle believes that engaging events and workshops can attract students from various disciplines, sparking conversations about the intersection of technology, healthcare and communication.

Growth and Skill Development

As a brand ambassador, Isabelle hopes to gain valuable insights into the industry and sharpen her skills in campaign and event planning. She values the opportunity to learn from experts and receive constructive feedback to enhance her abilities further, setting the stage for a successful career in the dynamic world of healthcare communication.

Mastering the Juggling Act: Prioritizing Passions and Responsibilities

Despite her busy schedule as a dual major student, Isabelle maintains balance through meticulous organization and prioritization. She acknowledges the challenges of juggling academic and extracurricular responsibilities but emphasizes the importance of finding time for personal interests and relationships. To relieve stress, Isabelle immerses herself in her passion for geography, finding curiosity in the world’s diversity and intricacies.

Grounded in Values

As Isabelle navigates her journey as the Weiss Center Ambassador, she remains grounded in her personal values and commitments. She strives to find harmony between her academic pursuits, professional aspirations and personal well-being. With her resilience, creativity and dedication, Isabelle exemplifies the qualities of a rising star in the world of healthcare communication.

Isabelle Kelly’s journey is one of passion, innovation and the desire to make a difference. As she continues to bridge the gaps between healthcare, innovation and communication, there is no doubt that she will leave a lasting impact on the industry and the lives she touches along the way.