Holmes attends conference, leads student trip to Italy

This summer, Shaina Holmes, assistant professor of television, radio and film (TRF) at the Newhouse School, attended UFVA, the 76th Conference of the University Film and Video Association. There, she co-led a workshop on “Getting Started with Virtual Production in the Classroom” with professors assistant professor of visual communications Milton Santiago and Brad Lewter, an assistant professor at Ithaca College. The workshop was designed to help educators understand what constitutes virtual production, how it is impacting production, the costs associated with designing curriculum and how educators can use tools they may already have to get started.

Holmes also led a trip to Italy with TRF students to work on two documentary films in collaboration with the World War II Foundation, both set to premiere in 2023. The first film, “Return to Ramitelli: The Tuskegee Airmen” (Spring 2023), will be narrated by Darius Rucker with Greg Gumbel. The second film “Bob Dole, Italy and World War II” (Fall 2023), will be narrated by Ron Livingston with Jim Nantz.