Gutterman publishes paper in Albany Law Review

Roy Gutterman, associate professor and director of the Tully Center for Free Speech, authored the paper, “New Voices, New Rights, New York: A Case Study and a Call for Student Journalist Protections in New York,” which was published in the Albany Law Review.


This paper discusses and advocates for New York’s adoption of the Student Journalist Free Speech Act, which would be New York’s version of a New Voices law, which aims to protect student journalists from censorship and their advisors from restrictions or punishment.  
This article is an extension of Gutterman’s work as a co-leader of a statewide coalition that has been working to get a student journalist protection law passed in New York. This ongoing effort has spanned more than five years.  In February, advocates will travel to Albany to meet with legislators, urging them to pass this law.  In 2019, Gutterman was part of a coalition of advocates and student journalists who met with legislators in Albany. This research is part of an ongoing campaign.