Grygiel discusses the role of social media following attack on Capitol, Trump ban

The attack on the U.S. Capitol and its aftermath put a spotlight on social media and prompted a national conversation about its role in politics. Social media expert Jennifer Grygiel, assistant professor of communications at the Newhouse School, contributed to that conversation through a series of media interviews, helping to provide key information and context in order to inform the public.

Monday, Jan. 4

CNN: “Social media platforms should brace for a misinformation storm this week

Wednesday, Jan. 6

USA Today: “Calls grow for social media platforms to silence Trump as rioters storm US Capitol

USA Today: “Rioting by angry Trump mob at U.S. Capitol unleashes widespread condemnation of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

CBC: “Trump accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram frozen after storming of U.S. Capitol

Associated Press: “Twitter, Facebook muzzle Trump amid Capitol violence

ABC Australia: “City under curfew after Trump supporters storm Capitol

Thursday, Jan. 7

Bloomberg: “Bloomberg Markets: The Close

Good Morning America: “Facebook ‘indefinitely’ blocks Trump’s account after violence at Capitol

San Francisco Chronicle: “Trump resumes tweeting as Facebook, Twitch, YouTube threaten permanent bans

Friday, Jan. 8

The Guardian: “‘Four years of propaganda’: Trump social media bans come too late, experts say

CTV News: “The role of social media in the D.C. riots

Saturday, Jan. 9

Good Morning America: “Big brands and social media giants condemn Trump’s actions

Sunday, Jan. 10

NPR: “Social Media Companies Are Banning Trump. Why Now?