Graphic design students creates typefaces inspired by Newhouse faculty, staff

Every fall, adjunct instructor Claudia Strong challenges the students in her typographic design course to create new typefaces inspired by the people around them; specifically, Newhouse staff and faculty. This year’s work is now on display in the lobby of Newhouse 1; here are some highlights:

CREATED BY: Christopher Bennett
INSPIRED BY: Robert Thompson, Trustee Professor and director of the Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture

Tuned In font concept page

TYPEFACE: Cooperstown
CREATED BY: Matthew Brodsky
INSPIRED BY: Brad Horn, professor of practice, public relations

Concept Sheet for Cooperstown Font

TYPEFACE: Morning Dew
CREATED BY: Gianna Corrente
INSPIRED BY: Rachel Cooper, academic coordinator

Morning Dew font concept sheet

TYPEFACE: Old School
CREATED BY: Maya Goosman
INSPIRED BY: Karen McGee, assistant dean of student success

Concept sheet for Old School font

TYPEFACE: Lodato Oblique
CREATED BY: Zuzanna Mlynarczyk 
INSPIRED BY: Mark Lodato, dean

Concept sheet for Lodato Oblique

TYPEFACE: Coordinate
CREATED BY: Elizabeth Wolf
INSPIRED BY: Kristin Cutler, academic advisor

Concept sheet for Coordinate font

TYPEFACE: Exuberant
CREATED BY: Danny Kahn
INSPIRED BY: Lani Diane Rich, web content manager

Concept sheet for exuberant

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