Dodgers Stadium

My favorite experience in Los Angeles thus far was when I went to the Angel City FC opening home game at the BMO Stadium. My sister and I were able to take advantage of the Metro to get to the game, so we thankfully avoided parking (notoriously the most difficult part of LA life). The energy in the stadium was electric and it was a gorgeous day with typical sunny Southern California weather. Even better, the roof of the stadium was open so we got to witness a beautiful sunset as the game went on. 

I’m a big fan of women’s soccer and the game was so much fun and very fast-paced. To make the whole thing even more special, one of the team’s founders, actress Natalie Portman, was there and it was super cool to see her. The fan section was completely packed and you could really feel that the fans as a community were pouring out their hearts in support of their team. Even though Angel City lost, the whole game was such a great time and one of my favorite sports games I’ve ever been to.

Olivia Duet is a senior in the television, radio and film program at the Newhouse School.