Discovering Los Angeles

Reflections on Newhouse LA, Summer Internships and Syracuse’s Exceptional Alumni Network

Mirren Sassaman stands outside

Being a part of Newhouse LA this summer has fulfilled my long ambition of coming to Los Angeles and determining if living out here long-term is plausible for me. Although living here for less than six weeks, I have developed a strong preference for Los Angeles over New York City. The easygoing environment, post-June Gloom weather, delightful culinary scene and the joy of encountering cute dogs on every street have all contributed to my fondness for this city. My experience in Newhouse LA has opened my eyes to the rich and diverse network Syracuse has to offer. It has also been a much-needed reminder that I don’t need to have my career path planned out now at 21.

Coming in as a student in the College of Visual and Performing Arts (VPA), I was apprehensive about fitting in both with the other students and within the Newhouse community. However, I am pleased to say that everyone I have encountered has been incredibly welcoming, starting with Newhouse LA director Robin Howard, who took a chance on me by granting me the opportunity to attend this summer. A standout and enriching class for me has been COM 350: Topics in Media, Diversity and Inclusion, taught by Professor Oliver Jones, which I’ve looked forward to taking since hearing about it. In addition, I have had the privilege of meeting Syracuse alumni from various industries through Professor Steve Bradbury’s class, which has been invaluable. I am truly grateful for the amazing learning opportunities attributed to me through my two internships at TATA PR, a fashion showroom catering to celebrity stylists, and with the U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce on their sustainable fashion team. All in all, my ventures this summer have enhanced and further solidified my passion for sustainable fashion and ignited an interest in communications-related fields.

Mirren Sassaman is a junior in the College of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University.