Coming Up for Air

Andy Berrell headshot
Andy Berrell

Living in LA goes hand in hand with doing LA things, and perhaps the most LA thing someone can do is go to a film premiere. Thankfully, Mike Dillon’s Classical Hollywood Cinema course gives Newhouse LA students that opportunity in abundance. As a member of Mike’s class, you will be able to attend red-carpet premieres and private screenings of new film releases. My favorite premiere experience thus far has to be for the new film “Air,” directed by Ben Affleck. While the film is great for many reasons, the experience itself of going to the very first premiere of a Hollywood film is what captivated me. Just the fact of knowing that the theater you are in is the first place where this film will ever be seen by a real audience is difficult to wrap your head around. Between listening to Ben Affleck’s heartfelt opening remarks, and sitting directly behind the bald head of LA Rams football legend Andrew Whitworth, attending the premiere of “Air” ranks among my best LA experiences.

Andy Berrell is a senior in the television, radio and film program at the Newhouse School.