Incredible Summer

L-R: Yahan Xu and a friend on the beach in Los Angeles

My name is Yahan Xu, a rising senior. I’m television, radio and film major with a psychology minor. It was incredible to join Newhouse LA for a semester. As a student who wants to develop my career in the film industry in the future, it is the best choice to come to Los Angeles for an internship. At the same time, Com Law and other courses offered by Newhouse LA also solved my credit needs.

I am enjoying my current lifestyle: go to the gym in the morning, come back after breakfast and start my internship (I’m interning at Immortal Cinema International and my work is to read scripts, write coverage and be an editorial assistant), go to evening classes after the internship and enjoy the dinner made by my roommates when I’m back home.

Having a car allows us to go anywhere freely. During weekends we go to the beach or Koreatown. The supermarkets and restaurants in Ktown are our favorites. There’s so many amazing Asian foods. For me there’s a lot more options than Syracuse. Surprisingly, I adapted faster than expected. Before coming to Los Angeles I was anxious about internships, courses, renting, etc., but now I have fully adapted and am enjoying my life in Los Angeles. Everything is going smoothly and orderly. (I’m pretty sure I’ll miss living in Los Angeles a lot when I get back to Syracuse.) 

Yahan Xu is a junior in the television, radio and film program at the Newhouse School.