Attending Events and Meeting Howie Mandel

Alex Bisignani (right) takes a selfie with Howie Mandel (left)
Alex Bisignani (right) and Howie Mandel (left)

One of the many reasons I came to Syracuse in the first place was to take advantage of the Newhouse LA program, and it has lived up to every expectation. The environment, classes and not having to trudge to class through snow are all incredible, but the opportunities provided to us are unmatched. There are new opportunities and events to attend nearly every week, from film premieres to Dodgers baseball games. I especially enjoy the live show tapings and have so far seen “Jeopardy,” “The Masked Singer” and “Celebrity Family Feud.” But none compare to attending the show I grew up watching every Sunday night with my family: “America’s Got Talent.” Bob Boden (one of the many incredible Newhouse LA professors) brought our class to a live taping and even introduced us to Howie Mandel. I even managed to grab a selfie with him! It was like living my childhood dream and is a memory I’ll never forget. 

Alex Bisignani is a senior in the television, radio and film program at the Newhouse School.