ACP Clips & Clicks Contest awards Newhouse students 12 honors

The Associated Collegiate Press handed out a dozen awards to stories and photos from The Newshouse, including six awards for the digital magazine’s “Entitled to Equality” Title IX project. These awards also helped The NewsHouse win the 2021-22 Clips & Clicks Sweepstakes as the nation’s top college media outlet. 

The ACP contest is based on two rounds of judging student journalism work in the fall and spring semesters, from which outlets accumulate points for each winning entry. NCC News finished in the Top 10  for the year at ninth place overall.

This is the second year in a row that The NewsHouse has won this honor, as the Newhouse School won the 2020-21 sweepstakes based on a combined effort that included NCC News and student-run monthly publication, Jerk.

Congratulations to everyone!

Broadcast Sports Story

  1st – “This Triathlon Athlete Lives Life on Wheels! “ by Tonia Michele Brown (NCC News)

  2nd — “Football Player Ella Propheter” by Sarah Russo (Entitled to Equality/The NewsHouse)

  3rd — “Football Players Mara McBride and Julia Leary”  by Lauren Helmbrecht, Dean Zulkofske (Entitled to Equality/The NewsHouse)

Broadcast News Story

  2nd — “New York State Still Lacks Broadband in 2022” by Louise Rath (NCC News)

Writing: Opinion

  2nd — “The Silence of the Lambs: A most unexpected Valentine’s Day film” by Madelyn Geyer (The NewsHouse)

  5th – “Kira kira Commentary: I wanted to be white, but my eyes wouldn’t let me” by Morgaine McIlhargey (The NewsHouse)

Writing: Sports Story

  3rd — “Changing the Game” by Sophia Moore (Entitled to Equality/The NewsHouse)

  5th — “Something was Wrong and Needed to be Addressed’” by Madelyn Geyer (Entitled to Equality/The NewsHouse)

Writing: News Story

Honorable Mention: “Revisiting the College Gender Gap” by Sydney Gold (Entitled to Equality/The NewsHouse)

Writing: Feature Story

4th “Where light comes through” by Ellen Mintzer (The NewsHouse)

Feature Photo

5th “Title IX: Payton Dunn” by James Year (Entitled to Equality/The NewsHouse)

Sports Photo

Honorable Mention — “Grit & Glory” by Gavin Liddell (The NewsHouse)