A Sneak Peek of Your Future

Alexis Ho headshot
Alexis Ho

I still remember my freshman year, first day at Newhouse, during orientation week. My peer advisor Franklin told me about his experience at SULA. He highly recommended it. He said, “save com law for LA.”

Now I know why, when I’m standing in the fancy office of Professor Eric German’s law firm, seeing Beverly Hills and the Hollywood sign through the shiny glass. You get to experience what you learn in books!

Yes! I made it to SULA. I’m very lucky to squeeze it into the summer after my “graduation.”

I’m supposed to graduate in May 2023 but due to the years of COVID and zoom classes, I still have communications law and another TRF elective to complete. So my genius Newhouse advisor came up with this plan for me to do SULA after “graduation,” which is an excellent idea because I can stay in LA after the program and start my first job here in the industry, if I want.

Besides communications law, I’m also taking The Art of Producing TRF 400 class. It’s so cool that we have guest speakers invited to our class and be interviewed by fellow classmates. I interviewed a guest who worked in the production of Met Gala live. Those fireside talks are very inspiring and full of insights. It’s networking! These guests are friends and colleagues of our class professor.

We also have amazing events here in LA. Screenings, museums, concerts, you name it. Food is also really nice, don’t want to mention more because you can find whatever cuisine you desire here.

It’s definitely worth it, and even more valuable than you can imagine. When you get this chance to actually step into the “real world” beyond campus, it’s eye-opening and even life-changing, serious.

There’s really no “best time” for SULA, you can do it in the summer as a rising junior, or in the last semester of your senior year and dive right into the industry after the program completes.

Learn to be professional and start networking, it’s never too early or too late. You don’t know who’s going to become what in the future. Maybe you can find a supportive mentor, a like-minded work partner, a lifelong friend during SULA, who knows! Get excited for the sneak peek of your future.

Alexis Ho is a senior in the television, radio and film program at the Newhouse School.