A Semester of Discovery at Newhouse Through Four Memorable Events 

Jiaqi Jin headshot
Jiaqi Jin. (Photo courtesy of Jiaqi Jin)

As my second semester at Newhouse begins, I reflect on my first semester and realize it has been a season of growth beyond my coursework. I have engaged in various extracurricular activities that have enriched my overall experience. Let me share the insights I have gained from four notable events of last semester. 

Event 1: Embracing Generative AI in the Workplace 

My first semester began with a captivating workshop titled “Generative AI in the Workplace,” led by Romain Bogaerts, the director of AI Solution Engineering Technology at Real Chemistry. Romain started by demystifying technical terms in the AI field, including “machine learning” and “large language models” (LLMs). He then unveiled the platform used in their work, emphasizing the significance of generative AI (Gen AI) and its prompt template platform. For someone like me, studying advanced media management, this knowledge was invaluable. Witnessing the application of cutting-edge technology in real-world scenarios deepened my understanding of AI and how to innovate and enhance workflow efficiency in this era of technological advancement. 

Event 2: My First Hockey Game 

We were lucky to receive an invitation from an alum to attend a Syracuse Crunch hockey game in Syracuse. On a Saturday night, I joined fellow students at the sports arena. I must admit, I am not a die-hard sports enthusiast, and my knowledge of hockey rules was minimal. Entering the arena, I felt a bit out of place, but the electric atmosphere quickly engulfed me. The sight of the crowd cheering and reacting to the game, coupled with the laughter and life discussions with my classmates, made it a memorable night. Even strangers in the front row would exchange high-fives when a goal was scored. Despite my limited hockey knowledge, I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, even if it was a bit chilly (thanks to the ice rink). I cherish the camaraderie with my classmates and discovered the excitement of sports events. If another hockey game arises in the future, count me in. 

Event 3: The Fascination of Innovative News 

This semester, I delved into web design, but my creations often leaned toward the conventional. Then came a game-changing lecture featuring Rumsey Taylor, a visual editor from The New York Times who shared insights into digital news and visual editing. The lecture was nothing short of eye-opening. Rumsey displayed news web pages that broke away from the traditional static format, such as the groundbreaking article “Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek.” It seamlessly blended in-depth reporting, dynamic visuals and interactive web design. What struck me even more than the visual brilliance was the relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation. The NY Times team’s refusal to settle for the status quo was truly inspiring. I resolved to continuously seek improvement and explore the endless possibilities of communication, much like their team. 

Event 4: Self-Improvement with Guidance 

As the semester ended, our program director organized a resume optimization workshop for international students in our major. It was my first visit to Newhouse’s Career Development Center, and I was uncertain about what to expect. In the workshop, the center’s staff introduced us to various job-related resources on the school’s website, shared websites for international students seeking job opportunities and even simulated how to initiate contact with alumni. These were practical tips. Additionally, I learned about the option to schedule mock interviews at the center and receive assistance in refining my resume and cover letter. As a non-native English speaker, I feel professional writing guidance invaluable. I also discovered the plethora of resources and support available within the college. 

These are the four events that defined my fall semester. In truth, I participated in many other engaging activities, each offering unique insights and life experiences. I firmly believe that life is an ongoing learning journey that extends far beyond the classroom. The vast expanse of the unknown is brimming with new experiences waiting to be embraced. After reading about these exciting adventures, are you ready to dive into even more extracurricular activities this semester? 

Jiaqi Jin is a graduate student in the advanced media management program at the Newhouse School.