Newhouse Creative Advertising Students Win Cannes Future Lions Grand Prix Award

Two smiling women hold up their awards after a ceremony
Molly Egan ’25, left, and Marlana Bianchi ’24 hold up their awards in Cannes, France. (Photo provided by Mel White)

Newhouse School creative advertising students Marlana Bianchi ’24 and Molly Egan ’25 have won the prestigious Future Lions Grand Prix Award at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in France.

They earned the high honor this week for their “Break the Sound Barrier” entry that addressed a brief, or assignment, from Spotify that asked how the music-streaming service could “spread positivity by using technology to bring listeners closer to the creators and communities they love.”

Two smiling women holding awards flank another smiling woman.
From left, Marlana Bianchi ’24, Professor of Practice Mel White, and Molly Egan ’25 celebrate after Bianchi and Egan picked up their awards in Cannes, France. (Photo provided by Mel White)

Bianchi, as art director, and Egan, as copywriter, worked on their award-winning entry in the Portfolio III course taught by Mel White, professor of practice of advertising. The assignment challenged students to employ new technology and uplift marginalized communities.

Using insight that music-sharing platforms lack features catering to the deaf community, Bianchi and Egan revealed that music is not an inclusive hobby. Their winning entry would make music streaming on Spotify accessible to the full spectrum of hearing.

“In a world with 7,000 spoken languages and 300 visual sign languages, the one universal language which connects us all is music,” AKQA said in announcing the winners. Future Lions is an annual initiative from AKQA—which describes itself as an ideas and innovation company—that celebrates bold and progressive ideas from students all over the world.

Bianchi and Egan conceived partnering with deaf sign language performers who memorize and dance to beats and lyrics, aiming to engage both deaf and hearing fans. They also plan to use deep fake technology to scale performances into over 300 visual sign languages for each song on the platform, breathing life into music sharing for the deaf community.

“The initiative features deaf performances that can be added to songs by leveraging deep fake technology for social good, making music more accessible for all,” AKQA said.

This year, the company partnered with Spotify and The Wall Street Journal on the Future Lions competition, which is in its 19th year. Spotify and AKQA will collaborate with Bianchi and Egan to bring the idea to life on the Spotify platform. 

For Many Graduate Students, Community-Engaged Scholarship Gives Extra Meaning to the Educational Experience

This story was originally posted by Syracuse University News on April. 15, 2024

Graduate-level learning, research and creative activities take place in classrooms, labs and studios on the Syracuse University campus, but they also occur throughout the community as graduate students, including Newhouse multimedia, photography and design student Diana Varo Lucero, work with local residents of all ages and backgrounds through partnerships with a variety of local organizations.

The Mary Ann Shaw Center for Public and Community Service and the Engaged Humanities Network (EHN) in the College of Arts and Sciences are two campus resources that help graduate students find volunteer opportunities and carry out community-based research initiatives.

The Shaw Center is the University’s hub for experiential learning, matching student volunteers with community needs. Administrative coordinator Kathryn Bradford says volunteers work at the University’s La Casita Cultural Center and other community locations, including the North Side Learning CenterRefugee and Immigrant Self-EmpowermentWe Rise Above the Streets Recovery Outreach Inc. and Syracuse City School District (SCSD) schools.

EHN annual research assistantships and summer and winter fellowships provide arts and humanities research opportunities that align with graduate scholarship, coursework and community-building. About 35 graduate students are currently involved across a range of programs, says Brice Nordquist, EHN founder and director.

Diana Varo Lucero volunteers at La Casita Cultural Center to read stories with young children. (Photo by Edward Reynolds)

Hosting Shaw Center weekly story times at La Casita Cultural Center helped Lucero stay connected to her community. She is producing a documentary for her master’s project.  

“I chose to volunteer because part of my values as a storyteller and a creative is to use my platform to give back to my community and provide a space for other people to tell their stories,” Lucero says. “I think that to create impact, we must actively become involved with our communities. La Casita has given me the space to learn and become involved. I have met welcoming people, built a supportive community and have discovered my ability to work with different age groups. I’m also still able to work towards contributing to local communities.”

Behind the Scenes: Bandier Students Help Put on a Show

At the end of the Spring 2024 semester, students from the Newhouse School’s prestigious Bandier Program for Recording and Entertainment Industries were involved with three concert events on and off Syracuse University’s campus: Block Darty, Block Party and Spring Madhouse. These events gave the students the invaluable chance to gain hands-on experience planning and executing event logistics, communicating with artists, working behind the scenes, problem solving and more, bringing many of them closer to their goal of working in the music industry.

Block Darty

Photos by Arthur Maiorella

two people talk in front of a stage
a concert stage is set up outside
a labeled soundboard for a concert
microphones lay in a case
three people stand in front of a stage
two people talk in front of a stage

Block Party

Photos by Huimin Dong

four people smile and talk with each other backstage at a concert
a DJ performs on a stage at a concert
four people interact with each other at a concert
a singer performs on stage at a concert with a DJ behind them
a crowd cheers at a concert
a two DJs performs on a stage at a concert

Spring Madhouse

Photos by Molly Irland

a laptop sits on a table at a concert
two people talk with a group behind them and a soundboard in front of them at a concert
two people stand behind a laptop at a concert
a DJ performs at a concert
a group of people stand behind a DJ table at a concert
a DJ performs at a concert

Newhouse Public Relations Student Forms Special Connection With Hill Communications Client

I’ll never forget the sheer excitement I felt when I found out I had been accepted as an intern as a first-year student at Hill Communications. There is something incredibly validating about joining an esteemed student-run organization like Hill Comm, especially when your eagerness to contribute and learn matches their enthusiasm for your future with the firm. Moving over 2,000 miles from home to study public relations at the Newhouse School was a gamble, particularly in the isolating wake of COVID-19, but suddenly, it felt like everything was falling into place. I had found my new home.

a person stands posed with their arms crossed
Hayley Ipsaro

Hill Communications holds a special place in the hearts of both students and faculty for many reasons. It offers students the chance to apply their classroom knowledge and skills to real, paying clients, representing Newhouse as part of a Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)-affiliated and nationally recognized student-run PR agency. Hill Comm is one of the many organizations that sets Newhouse apart, and contributing to it throughout my college career has been an honor.

Those who know me well know I love a challenge. When asked which client team I preferred to join among the many incredible clients Hill Comm had in the Fall 2020 semester, I chose the one that pushed me most out of my comfort zone: GreenHill Investment Reporting. My knowledge of the financial technology space was minimal, and terms like “family office” or “RIA” were foreign to me. However, I was determined to learn quickly and see my work in action.

GreenHill made that goal a reality. From day one, our clients were invested in us as students and PR practitioners. They understood the complexities of the industry and provided every resource we needed to succeed. Even as an intern, I felt valued and appreciated by both GreenHill and my team. My ideas were implemented, and I gained hands-on experience that very first semester. By the end of that semester, I knew I was here to stay.

Now finishing my eighth semester with the team as account supervisor, I’m proud to say I did. Looking back on the work we have been able to facilitate for GreenHill over the past four years is beyond impressive. Multiple press releases, a complete rebrand, countless hours put towards competitor and industry audits and most recently, AI platform integration to create branded product demos and knowledge management resources for GreenHill customers — just to name a few. Our work for our clients takes what we learn in the classroom and pushes it another step higher.

a person smiles and sits in a chair in a conference room surrounded surrounded by other smiling people standing and sitting
Ipsaro (seated, center) is honored by team members of her Hill Comm client, GreenHill Investment Reporting. (Photo courtesy of Hayley Ipsaro)

On April 18, I welcomed Bill McFadden and Harry Cubit of GreenHill Investment Reporting to Syracuse University for an in-person visit to film social media content and play out new ideas, something that has become a biannual tradition over the years. Unbeknownst to me, this day had a little more in store than a final workshop with my favorite clients. A Zoom screen popped up with my entire family, Hill Comm alum and GreenHill’s Jack Curran and Melissa Cubit, who all took time out of their busy days to celebrate me.

Former team members of mine and our wonderful faculty advisors began to fill the room. I was absolutely floored, humbled and beyond grateful, though most of what I could get out in the moment were thank yous between tears of joy. I was awarded a plaque for my contribution and dedication to GreenHill over the last four years, surrounded by so many of the people I love, and it is a day I will never forget.

Reflecting on my journey with Hill Communications and GreenHill Investment Reporting, I am filled with immense gratitude and pride. These past four years have not only shaped my professional skills but have profoundly impacted my personal growth. I have learned the true value of perseverance, the importance of stepping out of my comfort zone and the power of human connection. As I prepare to enter this next chapter of my life, I carry with me invaluable experiences, cherished memories and lasting relationships. I am deeply thankful for the opportunities and support I have received, and I look forward to embracing the future with the confidence and knowledge that Hill Comm and GreenHill have instilled in me. Leaving Syracuse and Newhouse, I have so very much to be grateful for.

Hayley Ipsaro ’24 is an alumna of the public relations program at the Newhouse School

2024 Newhouse Student Awards Roundup

Latest: Newhouse School students and faculty celebrate banner week at Hearst Journalism Awards. Learn more about accolades received this year by students from across Newhouse.

Newhouse students John Perik ’24 and Ronald Parrillo ’25 captured first-place honors Thursday night in their respective categories at the Hearst Journalism Awards, capping a banner week for Syracuse University at the prestigious competition.  

Perik, who graduated last month, took first in the National Television Championship, while Parrillo, a senior, won the National Audio Championship. Broadcast and digital journalism (BDJ) majors Perik and Parrillo are the first Hearst national champions from Newhouse since Eric Wellman ’05 in 2004.  

Two more Newhouse students earned distinctions as runners-up at the ceremony in San Francisco: BDJ major Chilekasi Adele in the Television Championship category and Murphy McFarlane, a visual communications major, in the Multimedia Championship category. Both students also graduated in May.  

Newhouse School broadcast and digital journalism students and faculty had a little fun Wednesday night celebrating Syracuse University’s first-place finish in the Intercollegiate Audio & Television category at the Hearst Journalism Awards ceremony in San Francisco.

Newhouse broadcast and digital journalism students and faculty celebrate at the Hearst Journalism Awards event in San Francisco. (Photo by Alice Wenner)

Syracuse also took third overall in the prestigious Intercollegiate Competition, and third in the Intercollegiate Multimedia category. Check out more photos from the June 5 event on our Instagram feed.

Earlier this spring, the final round of the Hearst Journalism Awards monthly competitions netted three Top 20 finishes for Newhouse students in the Investigative Writing and Team Multimedia contests. 

Society of News Design

Newhouse students and campus media outlets took home 11 awards including three top prizes in this year’s Society for News Design’s Student Design Contest.

Best-Designed Student Magazine

Best-Designed Student News Website

Special Section Design

Standalone Multimedia

Digital Storytelling Design

Magazine Cover Design

Art & Illustration Design

2024 SND Student Design Contest 

Syracuse Press Club Awards

Newhouse School students and members of the WAER staff were recognized with 20 honors including eight First Place awards in this year’s Syracuse Press Club Awards.

Newhouse Students and Staff Shine at 2024 Syracuse Press Club Awards

Society of Professional Journalists

Newhouse students had a great showing at the Society of Professional Journalists’ (SPJ) Mark of Excellence Awards with 10 winners and 17 finalists. The winners will advance to compete against other SPJ regional winners for the national Mark of Excellence Awards announced this summer.

Newhouse Students Win 10 SPJ Mark of Excellence Awards

Syracuse University Scholars

Nicole Aponte and Yasmin Nayrouz were among the 12 seniors named as 2024 Syracuse University Scholars, the highest undergraduate honor the University bestows. 

2024 Syracuse University Scholars Announced


Newhouse School senior Chilekasi Adele took top prize this spring in the Television News competition at the prestigious Hearst Journalism Awards. Adele was among several Newhouse students honored by the Hearst Journalism Awards as the competition announced winners over the past few months.

Newhouse Student Wins First Place at Prestigious Hearst Journalism Awards 

White House Correspondent Association Scholarship

Magazine, news and digital journalism sophomore Danielle Blyn is one of 30 students from 16 colleges and universities around the country to be selected for the White House Correspondent Association Scholarship.

2024 Scholarship Winners Announced

Berlin Indie Film Festival

Alexandra Siambekos ’23 won the Best First Time Director, Documentary award in the Berlin Indie Film Festival’s monthly competition. She won for her documentary film “The Keepers of Manari,” which served as Siambekos’s honors thesis while she was a television, radio and film student at Newhouse. 

Newhouse Students Honored in Berlin Indie Film Festival, White House Eyes of History Contest

The White House News Photographers Association

Four Newhouse students earned accolades in this year’s Eyes of History contest—sponsored by The White House News Photographers Association—including three wins for broadcast and digital journalism (BDJ) senior Nicole Aponte and a First Place honor for BDJ senior John Perik. 

Newhouse Students Honored in Berlin Indie Film Festival, White House Eyes of History Contest

Broadcast Education Association

Newhouse School students and their projects had a phenomenal showing at the 2024 Broadcast Education Association (BEA) Festival of Media Arts with 25 awards, including a Best of Festival honor for the The NewsHouse‘s “Infodemic” reporting project and five First Place wins. 

Newhouse Students Win 25 Awards at BEA Festival of Media Arts

Graphic Design USA

Seven Newhouse School students each won an American Graphic Design Award for their design projects at the 60th annual Graphic Design USA (GDUSA) showcase. It was a remarkable showing in a competition with over 8,000 entries.

Newhouse Students Win 7 GDUSA American Graphic Design Awards


Newhouse graphic design majors and multimedia, photography and design graduate students won 22 awards across several categories in this year’s design competition.


Alex Ryberg Gonzalez 
Nicole Beaudet 
Samantha Swiss 
Hailey Lawless 

Type Design
Darren Cordoviz 
Quinn Carletta 

Honorable Mentions

Ally Manziano 
Elliot Rosenberg-Rappin 
Charlotte Little 

Ally Manziano 

Product Design
Olivia Doe

Charlotte Little 
Ally Manziano 
Amelia Flinchbaugh 
Lior Edrich 
Elizabeth Vogt 

Type Design
Ita Kim 
Ethan Rujak 
Dean Lourenco 
Cayla Israel 
Zhengrong Chai 
Jonathan Wideman 

Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication

Newhouse students and faculty earned five Gold honors and swept the video/film and advertising categories in the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) 2023-2024 VIMFest Contest. The work will be featured at the AEJMC national conference in Philadelphia in August.

Large School (10,000+ )​ Schoolwide/Multi-class Media Project, Gold – Infodemic by The Infodemic Staff
Student – Video/Film, Gold – Murphy McFarlane​, “Full Circle

Student – Advertising, Gold – Brooke Hirsch​ and Charlotte Shea, “Digital Blackout”

Student – Interactive and Motion Design, Gold – Emily Baird, “Metanoia
Faculty – Advertising, Gold – Milton Santiago and Jason Lozada, “Infodemic Launch Spot

This post was originally published on April 29, 2024.

Newhouse Students Capture 2 National Championships at Hearst Journalism Awards 

Two More Students Finish as Runners-Up at Prestigious Competition

Newhouse students John Perik ’24 and Ronald Parrillo ’25 captured first-place honors Thursday night in their respective categories at the Hearst Journalism Awards, capping a banner week for Syracuse University at the prestigious competition.  

two people hold award certificates and smile
John Perik (left) and Ronald Parrillo with their awards. (Photo by Jon Glass)

Perik, who graduated last month, took first in the National Television Championship, while Parrillo, a senior, won the National Audio Championship. Broadcast and digital journalism (BDJ) majors Perik and Parrillo are the first Hearst national champions from Newhouse since Eric Wellman ’05 in 2004.  

Two more Newhouse students earned distinctions as runners-up at the ceremony in San Francisco: BDJ major Chilekasi Adele in the Television Championship category and Murphy McFarlane, a visual communications major, in the Multimedia Championship category. Both students also graduated in May.  

Institutional awards were handed out Wednesday, when Newhouse Dean Mark Lodato and several faculty members joined the students to pick up the award for Syracuse University’s first-place finish in the Intercollegiate Audio and Television category. Syracuse also took third overall in the prestigious Intercollegiate Competition, and third in the Intercollegiate Multimedia category.  

A group of people smile while three people in the middle hold award certificates.
Newhouse School students and faculty celebrate at the Hearst Journalism Awards on Wednesday, June 5. (Photo by Alice Wenner)

The Hearst Championships are the culmination of the 2023–24 Journalism Awards Program, which were held in 105 member universities of the Association of Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication with accredited undergraduate journalism programs. 
The 29 Championship finalists were selected from 1,315 entries submitted in 14 monthly competitions this academic year. From June 1-6, finalists participated in the National Championship in San Francisco, where they demonstrated their writing, photography, audio, television and multimedia skills in spot assignments.  Assignments were chosen by media professionals who judged the finalists’ work throughout the year and at the Championships. 

To learn more about the awards program, please visit:

Spring 2024 Dean’s List

The following undergraduate students enrolled in the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications were among those named to the Dean’s List for the Spring 2024 semester. To qualify, students completed a minimum of 12 graded credit hours and earned at least a 3.5 GPA (on a 4.0 scale) during the semester.

Students: Please contact Undergraduate Advising at with questions about your current Dean’s List status.

Emily Victoria Aarts

Karen M Abaya

Zain Victoria Abdelwahed

Tate Abrahamson

Marie Elizabeth Achkar

Megan Acker

Ava Stavroula Adamantidis

Delaney Adams

Neil David Adams

Kylie Abisola Adedeji

Chilekasi C Adele

Samantha Gayle Agate

Jean Diana Aiello

Tyler John Aitken

Andrew Laurence Albaugh

Tariq Ali

Avery Jeanne Allen

Dante Jose Almanzar

Maya G Altimany

Nicholas Joshi Alumkal

Noah Joseph Amaral

Naiya Jane Amin

Daniel Davidson Amron

Sophia Lina Anastasakis

Mara Cherilyn Anderson

Margaret Ann Anderson

Nickaylia Annabelle Anderson

Valentina Andrada

Brennan Richard Andrews

Mullane Rose Andreychuk

Grace A Anthony

Gino Francis Antimarino

Madison Elizabeth Antino

Nicole Aponte

Nathaniel A Applebaum

Iris Mei Araki

Jacqueline Sydney Arbogast

Surina M Archey

Alyssa T Archie

Isadora Argenta

Ella Renee Armbruster

Gia Ann Armenia

Katherine Elizabeth Armlin

Mackenzie Armstrong

Lindsay Kate Arons

Daniel Sella Arougheti

Kaleia Ayana Arrington

Callia Rayelle Arum

Kaitlyn Liduvina Arzu

Chelsie Olguine Auguste

Dylan Ketch Augustine

Eva Isabelle Aurnhammer

Isabella Kazuko Austin

Karina Rose Babcock

May Rose Babcock

Sophia Nicole Babcock

Luke Carter Backman

Julian M Bae

Darius Alexander Baharlo

Remy Francis Bailard

Anthony Christopher Bailey

Sumner Murphy Baines

Emily Karina Bakalos

Stella Balaskas

Isabel D Ballatore

Cole A Bambini

Ishika Goel Bansal

John N Barber

Alexandra Hope Barnard

Kathleen Mary Barrett

Kaylee Lillian Barrett

Grace Ann Bartels

Benjamin Joseph Bascuk

Eliza D Bastis

Vir Subberwal Batra

Eleanor Jane Batten

Pablo Bauza

Michaela Wechter Baxter

Samuel A Baylow

Jude Garrett Bazerman

Madelyn Georgetta Beck

Audrey Bond Becker

Nicholas Beebower

Renee Elizabeth Begley

Caitlyn Marie Begosa

Dominick Vincent Beitz

Isabel T Bekele

Sigourney Bell

Marguerite Tess Bellotti

Katherine Patricia Beltrami

Charles Phillip Ben-Ami

Riley Jane Benedik

Emily T Benjamin

Taylor Parris Benjamin

Jesse Nathaniel Ben-Meir

Janae Yemaya Bennett

London Alina Bennett

Boaz BenYehuda

Asher Noah Berenblat

Adrian Kolb Hegedorn Berger

Emily Jo Bergman

Janai Berrocal

Christine Marie Berros

Dylan Lillian Beyer

Varsha Bhargava

He Bian

Marlana O Bianchi

Audrey Bichoupan

Allison R Bilger

Katherine Anne Binkowski

Tara Amelia Binte Sharil

Starla Rachel Birnbaum

Lindsay Helen Bisk

Cynthia M Black

Josephine Therese Blain

Alexis Kaitlyn Blank

Evan Andrew Blenko

Michael Sheehan Bliss

Juliana Bella Mia Blobe

Griffin Newman Bloomstein

Danielle Mary Blyn

Myra Estelle Bocage

Rosina Louise Boehm

Julia Marie Boehning

Faith Lauren Bolduc

Anna Remle Boling

Blake Joseph Borges

Dean Anthony Borghi Jr

Julia Borodkin

Brooke Katherine Borzymowski

Emily M Bosco

Roxanne Marie Boychuk

Olivia Grace Boyer

Gabriel Joseph Bradham

Arbeas Luar Braha

Hannah Marie Brandt

Ella Samson Brann

Waverly Shane Brannigan

Sophia Lauren Braun

Chloe Kathleen Breeze

Kami Frances Bremer

Dillon Ephraim Brendle

Ava H. Brenneman

Jackson Breslin

Sydney Leigh Amora Brockington

Ashley L Broderick

Zachary John Broitman

Morgan Taylor Bromley

Lillian Valentine Brooks

Teaghan Mae Brostrom

Madeleine Jane Brousseau

Frances S Brown

Griffin Nicholas Brown

Kelly Nicola Brown

Margaret Anne Brown

Owen Daniel Brown

Sophia Grace Brownsword

Emily Jordan Bruck

Michael Henry Bryan

Calista Anne Buckley

Christopher Eugene Buerle

Jordan Russell Bullock

Jordan Skye Burda

Luke John Burgess

Sophia Fu Min Qi Burke

Alex Simpson Pfeifer Burstein

Benjamin Noah Butler

Caroline R Butler

Jenna Byers

Taylor Lynn Byrne

Sean Addison Cregan Caddo

Julia Mahan Cahill

Eileen Caivinagua

Alexander Mario Calabrese

Elizabeth Grace Calvo

Curran R Campbell

Hope Marie Campbell

Kaitlin Adelaide Campbell

Meghan Rose Canavan

Kate Cantillon

Alexa P Caplan

Eliza Lewis Cardillo

Natalia Cardone

Marissa Joanna Carello

Quinn Cerulean Carletta

Isabella Agnese Carlino

Elizabeth Ann Carlson

Gregory Raymond Carlton

Allison Rebecca Carter

Isabella Ashley Carter

Chesnie M Caster

Cecilia G Catalini

Kyra Leigh Catt

Claire Lillian Ceccoli

Emma Elizabeth Celenza

Andre Raphael Ceppi

Lilah-Jane Fontana Challe

Patrick Caden Chambers

Chon Kei Chan

Ella Ga-Ling Chan

Fei Y Chan

Pin-Jen Chan

Che Ying Chang

Kelly Chang

Samuel Chapnik

Samantha Isabella Chavez

Nicole Ke Xian Cheah

Kebei Chen

Sophia Chen

Victoria Yuwen Chen

Emily Brooke Chernett

Dominic C Chiappone

Grace Choi

Kyle Samuel Chouinard

Jamie Danielle Christensen

Madison Riley Christiansen

Corey J Chun

Joshua W Chun

Meena Cho Chung

Sofia Elizabeth Schumo Chwe

Sailor Verdes Ciluzzi

Marissa Laurel Cogan

Adam Jacob Cohen

Jack Cohen

Reese Cohen

Thomas Benjamin Cohen

Alicia Irena Coleman

Noah John Concordia

Spencer James Congel

Troy A Conner

Chloe Grace Connors

Caroline Lindsay Cooney

Samuel Cleveland Corcoran

Darren S. Cordoviz

Carly Anne Coronato

Isabella Corral

Ashley Elizabeth Corso

Kiran Kennedy Costa

Sofia Raquel Costa

Caitlyn Elizabeth Costello

Louisa Jacqueline Prentiss Coulman

Nathan Daniel Cournoyer

Alexia Maria Cousoulas

Helenna Couto Arruda Marques Almeida

Elizabeth Ann Crandall

Diana Janice Creaser

Taylor Scout Creel

Margaret Mary Crisafulli

Leila Sage Crist

Ava Kimberly Critchell

Ava Janine Crocitto

Madeline Crooke

Alexandria Leigh Culver

Nathaniel Bellamy Cunningham

Alexandra Michelle Cuoco

Julia Kristie Cuomo

Olivia Catherine Curreri

Jack Stanley Cusick

Brendan A. Custer

Alycia Rain Cypress

Aarav Kumar Dadlani

Christian William Dahms

Doris Dai

Hailey Daitch

Ivy Daitch

Erica A Daley

Grace Anna Daley

Victoria Grace Daly

Rylee Elizabeth Dang

Alessandra M D’Angelo

Devin Jane Darmody

Sophia Lovely Darsch

Anjana Dasam

Cassandra Marion Brid Dasco

Nina Dave

Natalia Davidson

Christopher McArthur Davis

Sophie Jane Davis

Tyler Latimer Dawson

Grace DeBoer

Matthew James Deckers

Lauren Eileen Degennaro

Brooke Addison Dehn

Dalton Matthew Deitz

Nicholas M Dekaney

Eve Jacqueline Delaney

Lang A Delapa

Jacob Bern Delforte

William Delgado

Carley Brooke Dellaratta

Sean Patrick Dempsey

Samantha K Denaro

Grace Denton

Marina Rose Depalo

Alissa Kalie Derboben

Kira Aria Desai

Ryan Michael DeSalvo

Francesco Raia Desiderio

Jennifer A DeStefano

Madison Nicole De Vera

Nora Anne Devine

Mantripat Kaur Dhami

Madyson Soleil Diaz

Patricia Diaz Escobar

Emily Benson Dick

Gabriel Rocco DiFilippo

Jessica Nicole Dimatteo

John Anthony Dinapoli

Sofia Rose Dixon

Olivia Catherine Doe

Nicolette Martine Doherty

Brianna Dollar

Kira Paige Donegan

Sophia Bella Donio

Connor Gerard Donovan

Madelyn L Doolittle

Daniela Dorado

Sarah Dorval

Sophia Isabelle Doshi

Zachary J Doulis

Jared C Dowling

Roman Thomas Doyle

Elaina Dub

Jade Alliyah Dunn

Payton Thomas Dunn

Ana Sofia Duss

Charlotte Anais Ebel

Megan Elizabeth Ebken

Lior Edrich

Jared F Edsell

Ella Marie Edwards

Niah Kahrin Edwards

Molly Elizabeth Egan

Oz Frank Elad

Amanda Frances Elgarresta

Anya Clare Elias

Luke Patrick Elliott

Peter Arthur Elliott

Anjali J Engstrom

Gabriella Reese Enriquez

Ilana Eden Epstein

Jacob Erlbaum

Christopher David Ern

Lauren Rose Eschenbrenner

Maya Lidia Espinel

Caitlin Kennedy Espiritu

Samantha Lynne Espiritu

Mario Renato Esteb

Bilhissa Fadiga

Casey Fahrer

Rachel Dora Fain

Talia Rose Fastow

Evan Charles Fay

Nora Elizabeth Fay

Ari Lucas Feinstein

Sylvie Beth Feldman

Joshua Evan Feldstein

Griffin Walls Fellows

Brenna E Fels

Chenyi Feng

Anna Fern

Alexandria Louise Ferretti

Ella Maeve Fiegener

Elena Victoria Figueroa

Brennan Matthew Finder

Lindsey Samantha Fine

Audrey N Fink

Eric Finley

John William Fiore

Nicholas Dylan Fiore

Patrick James Rogerson Firrell

Dagny C Fisher

Madeline G Fitzpatrick

Amalie Flam

McKenna Elizabeth Flannagan

Ahna Renee Fleming

Emma Ann Fleming

Amelia Flinchbaugh

Gabriella Michelle Fling

Alexandra N Flood

Sofia Leeanne Floresca

Elisabeth Barbara Flynn

Tamzin J Folz

Katie Fongvongsa

Annika Lynne Forno

Andrew Thomas Forster

Gavin Marc Forte

Amelia Bruce Fortsch

Natalie Nicole Fournell

Carson Teaque Fowler

Carly Michelle Fox

Brenna Judith Francisco

Bianca Elizabeth Franco

Leila Isabella Frankina

Evan Willow Fratantuno

Trevor Fiorello Fraticelli

Meagan Eva Frechette

Greta Kathryn Freed

Benjamin Freedman

Isabel Sakura Freeland

Elenore Agnes Fresnel

Brooke Taylor Fried

Olivia Eden Fried

Lillian Friedman

Genevieve Pierson Friend

Olivia Grace Friess

Julian Emmanuel Frucht

Michaela Anne Fry

Hannah Blake Frydman

Darryn Elise Fulcher

Nico Gabbi

Robert A Gabrik

Isabella Marie Galan

Philip Joseph Galati IV

Dyana Simone Gales

Benjamin Mark Galvanoni

Mariano Gama

Olivia Soo Gambino

Siyuan Gao

Rosamaria Garces

Terina Kawaileleanuhea Garcia

Reed Bennett Garland

Kunaal Garodia

Michele J Garten

Noah Lev Gartenberg

Angelo Matteo Garufi

Evan Chisholm Garvey

Owen Patrick Gaspar

Reese Nicole Gaudelli

Samantha Alyssa Gavi

Lily Elizabeth Gavin

Christiane Gbabiri

Penelope Eve Geannopulos

Mia Lauren Gelb

Elizabeth Ann Gelber

Allison Taylor Geller

Elie Israel Gelman

Tyler Xavier Gentry

Jaden Gerard

Griffin J Gershenson

Isabella Rose Giacoppo

Ryan Dominic Giancola

Ashley Marie Gibbs

Julieanne Carlynn Gilchrist

Jason Konrad Gillan

Polly Jeanne Gilmore

Anna Grace Ginelli

Andrew John Gitto

Nickolas Anthony Bettano Glassman

Lucie Emma Glover

Elizabeth Lauren Glowacki

Audrey Marie Glynn

Gabriel R Glynn-Habron

Allison Kathleen Goelz

Valerie Rachel Goetter

Liam A Goff

Alexandra Goldberg

Charles Goldberg

Jacob C Goldberg

Sophie I Goldstein

Spencer Ian Goldstein

Raymond Joseph Gomez

Asher Gonzalez

Lucia Daniela Gonzalez

Caroline Rose Goodhart

Jack Isaac Goodman

Geoffrey William Goose

Amanda A Gormley

Elizabeth Rose Gottlieb

Gabrielle Rose Grabush

Caroline Catherine Grande

Nehilah Grand-Pierre

Natalie Maria Granja

Mario Graves Dominguez

Matthew Logan Gray

Lily Eliza Greco

Duncan Ira Green

Erin Cooper Green

Micah Aaron Greenberg

Haley Rose Greene

Dylan Alexander Greenhouse

Alyssa Marie Gregg

Michael Cameron Greifenstein

Anne Nolan Griffin

Liam McAdam Griffin

Sarah Grace Griffiths

Alexander Daniel Grondin

Nicholas Joseph Guagliano

Yue Guan

Levi Jennett Guerra

Grace Giovanna Guido

Nicholas Stephen Guinan

Campbell C Gulbrandsen

Phoebe E Gullingsrud

Tessa Elizabeth Gullo

Phoebe Elena Gulsen

Weiziwu Guo

Zuoyi Guo

Emily Alice Gutierrez

Janice Sunyoung Ha

Anthony Douglas Haak

Taylor Ann Haenn

Griffin Thomas Hall

Eliana Rachel Hallegua

Arietta Hallock

Jessica Eve Hammersley

Liv Samantha Hanick

Ava Anne Hanuscin

Aleksander Henryk Harasim

Emma Rose Harby

Olivia Kay Harley

Madison Dale Harp

Rio Johnathan Harper

Molly E Harrigan

Nathaniel Lawrence Harrington

Mack David Harris

Claire Elizabeth Harrison

Gabrielle Sue Harrison

Emanuelle N Hart

Ava Margaret Hartman

Zachary Roberts Harvey

Grace Marie Hayden

Josef Killian Hendershot

Kathryn Grace Hendry

Jack Andrew Henry

Brooks Andrew Herb

Zari Nia Heron

Sophia Angelique Isabela Herrera

Luke Richard Hildebrand

Anna E Hill

Katie Abigail Hill

Lindsey Grace Hillebrecht

Sidney Olivia Himel

Adam Mitchell Hipsky

Brooke Lynn Hirsch

Hailey Li Hoang

Alexandra Hodge

Milo Finley Hoffman

Polly Adams Hoffman

Lauren Marie Holdmeyer

Ilyssa Christine Hollenbeck

Annika Catharina Holmberg

Nicole Lynn Holmes

Maurice Gibbons Holtzman

Ye Won Hong

Charlie London Honig

Andrew James Hood

Karly Jo Hopper

Ava Marie Horigan

Nicolas Horning

Genae Genevieve Horst

Gabriel C Howe

Zachary Michael Howell

Jiale Huang

Katie Emma Huang

Kiran Elyse Hubbard

Annie Rhodes Huckabone

Catherine Constance Hudson

Edward John Hudson

Rhylee Elizabeth Hudson

Olivia Nicole Huffman

Hannah Elizabeth Humphrey

Henry Emmett Hutcheson

Jaden Huynh

Kendall Simone Hymes

Lilli Ann Iannella

Henry Martin Ihle

Yui S Inagawa

Alicia S Ingabire

Hayley Ipsaro

Molly G Irland

Jacob Seth Isler

Shayla Ismael

Cayla Jade Israel

Sofiya Ivanova

Gabriella Sara Izversky

Anne Margaret Jablow

William Jack

Katherine Maria Jackson

Olivia Anna Jackson

David Joshua Jacobs

Levi Oliver Jacobs

Leon Chance Jacobson

Dan Jaime

Angie Mariam Jaramillo

Lars Christian Jendruschewitz

Scott R. Jenkins

Rowel Jimenez

Abigail Presley Johnson

Kendall Zaida Johnson

Gavin Andrew Johnston

Jared A Johnston

Samuel Marc Johnston

Abigail Marie Jones

Kelsey Jo Ann Jones

Maria Elizabeth Jones

Payton Nicole Jones

Sadie Josephine Jones

Dhani Allen Joseph

Ilina Anand Joshi

Nathaly Dahianna Juarez Meza

Christina Noelle Kaden

Maria Kaffes

Julia Sarah Kahen

Alexa Nicole Kahn

Hannah Morgan Kail

Alexandra Ruth Kaminsky

Jonah Asher Kaminsky

Megan Erin Kane

Hannah L. Kantner

Joseph Franklin Kaplan

Matthew Harris Kaplan

Nora Catherine Kapp

Alexis Karlin

Lucy Jane Karp

Ross Andrew Katcher

Manas Kathir

Samantha Reese Katz

Stephanie Jill Katz

Samuel David Katzman

Kayla Sarah Kavakeb

Jacob Aaron Kaye

Sneha Kc

Katherine Rose Keane

Maria Caroline Keenan

Patrick Michael Kehoe

Evelyn Hayden Kelley

Kathryn Kelley

Henry Kelly

Isabelle Grace Mary Kelly

James Davis Kelly

Rachel Shawn Kelly

Maeve Parks Kenny

Grace Lucia Kentrotas

Cole McNeil Keough

Gabrielle C Kepnes

Rachel Emily Kern

Elijah James Kerness

Maliha Hana Khan

Sadiya Fiona Kherani

Amy Elaine Kiernan

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Grace Suehyun Kim

Hannah Jihae Kim

Hayden William Kim

Jessica Kim

Claire Coleman King

Jacob Faro King

Jacqueline Mullinax King

Nicholas Emmett King

Patrick M. King

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Trevor David Kinney

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Chloe Anjolie Kiser

Emily Madison Klein

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Jessica Cory Klein

Maya Yolan Kleinberg

Braden Aaron Kletz

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Emma Christine Knauf

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Aaron Mitchell Knigin

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Zachary David Kopelman

Lily Isabelle Koplan

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Alexander George Koutras

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Dylan Reid Krane

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Evan James Krukin

Dylan Ava Kujawski

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Renee Giselle Kurie

Teresa Elizabeth Kurkjy

Hannah L Kushner

Kaitlyn Marie Kushner

Myounggu Kwen

Hanna Grace LaBerge

Steven Reilly Labovitch

Kate Faith Ladenheim

Victoria Grace Lafarge

Shayna Naomi Lakin

Alexa Marie Lamalfa

Paul Angelo Lamonaca

Michael Luis Lamorte

Gianna Sophia Lanfrank

Casey Rose Lange

Chloe Paige Langerman

Jeremy Michael Lanuti

Aaron Walker Larit

Matthew Paul Latvis

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Hailey Morgan Lawless

Linh Bui Khanh Le

Jaynie Kaye Leavy

Caleb Edward Leblanc

Nathaniel James Leboeuf

Nathan Robert Lechner

Zoe Sarah Lechtman

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Audrey C Ledbetter

Guiv Lederer

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Xiaoya Lei

Sofia Alexandra Lentz

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Justin Levey

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Adam Lewis

Bria Cassidy Lewis

Jasmine Risper Lewis

Jenna Nicole Lewis

Kamali Lewis

Michael James Leyne

Angela Li

Leyan Li

Vivian Yuwei Li

Zexuan Li

Emma Diane Liakas

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Ryan Monte Lima

Anny Lin

Junao Lin

Charles Finney Lincoln

Molly Raegan Lindstrom

Jonah Lipson

Carver Francis Lis

Alexander Demitrius Little

Charlotte Elizabeth Little

Christy Ying Liu

Hongyu Liu

Aliana Michayla Lloyd

Alexandra Lobel

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Amanda Ruth Long

Katelyn Elizabeth Longo

Caroline Russell Look

Jenna Rose Lopes

Ciane Isabel Lopez

Enrique Elias Lopez

Mateo Lopez-Castro

Dean Michael Lourenco

Ericka S Love

Noah John Love

Matthew James Lowman

Michael T Loya

Xinyu Lu

Abigail Rae Luca

Bella Elizabeth Lucina

Hannah Victoria Luib

Alexandra Nicole Lund

Kendall Anne Luther

Caitlin A Lydon

Ryan McCarron Lynn

Paige Olivia Lyons

Sabrina Amaris Macarthur

Sophia Maciejewski

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Nehru Lucas Madan

Luke Maddren

Luka Arsham Madhok

Emma Christine Madigan

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Aidan Michael Mahoney

Arthur Maiorella

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Keren Miriam Makleff

Grace Joy Malone

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Lucy Gwen Mandel

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Andie Mannis

Joy Mao

Griffin David Marcy

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Madeline Todd Marino

Perrin Lucille Delano Marion

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Nathaniel David Martin

Katherine Lynn Marvel

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Rowan Mastrangelo

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Ella Katherine Mathas

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Marisol Valeria Mattia

Jack Henry May

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Adam Mccaffery

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Caden Matthew McDermott

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Lily Elizabeth McDonald

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Grace E McHugh

Kathryn Geraldine McHugh

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Katherine Elizabeth McKenna

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Shannon O’Malley

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Alessandra Anastasia Zurini

What’s it Like to Speak to Your Entire Graduating Class?

The Newhouse School’s 2024 Convocation speakers reflect on the excitement and responsibility of the moment.

Jared Dowling ’24

Public Relations

When I received the message announcing that I had been chosen to give the undergraduate student address for the Newhouse Convocation, I nearly dropped my phone out of sheer excitement. Graduation speeches are normal, but the Class of 2024 is so unique in the fact that many of us never experienced a high school graduation because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Just four years ago I was senior class president, forced to give my graduation speech to an empty football stadium for a virtual ceremony, so the opportunity to unite my peers with a celebratory message was not something I took for granted. 

a person in a graduation gown stands outside and smiles
Jared Dowling

As I researched and viewed previous convocation speakers’ speeches, I knew that I wanted to leave my classmates with a relatable and motivational message that would empower them as they reflected on their journey through Newhouse and Syracuse University.  This central idea is how I eventually developed “The Power of a Melting Pot” – to illustrate how the Syracuse University community allowed each and every one of us to embrace all of the parts of our personal identities and how maintaining that community as we enter our adult lives is paramount to future success. 

On the actual day of graduation, I was filled with nervous anticipation as all of the soon-to-be graduates made their way toward the JMA Wireless Dome. I meticulously double and triple-checked all of the parts of my regalia to make sure that everything would be perfect while sitting on stage. But as Dean Lodato introduced me to speak, all of my nerves went away as I looked through the crowd and saw so many familiar faces – friends I’d shared countless memories with, faculty members who’ve provided priceless guidance and even my family sitting front-row cheering me on.

three people in graduation gowns stand and smile
L-R: Dowling stands with fellow Newhouse graduates Nicole Aponte and Annie Levin (Photo Genaro C. Armas)

The most surprising thing to come from my speech, however, was the number of people who genuinely loved it and resonated with the personal messages I shared. Over the next couple of days on campus, there was an outpouring of love and appreciation as people not only congratulated me on a job well done but took time to be vulnerable themselves and shared how my message had caused them to truly reflect on the people and place Newhouse and Syracuse had become in their lives. 

As a proud graduate of the Newhouse School, I will be working as a senior communications specialist at ADP (Automatic Data Processing) in Roseland, New Jersey, on their public relations and marketing team to forward their mission of amplifying the ADP brand. I look forward to leveraging all of the experiences gained during my time at Newhouse to be a fearless communicator in the workforce!

Gloria Rivera G’24

Goldring Arts Journalism and Communications

When I first received an email asking if I’d like to be considered to speak at the Newhouse convocation, I was flooded with so much angst and excitement. I often forget to push myself to be bold and do things that bring me out of my comfort zone. However, I saw this as an opportunity to share my story and talk a bit about my journey to Newhouse.  

a person in a graduation cap and gown holds their diploma
Gloria Rivera

I fully believe that as people, we’re not singular. I’m not just a first-generation Latina student, I am not just a New Yorker, I am a complex blend of the generations before me. Their hard work, challenges and dedication has paved the way for me to land where I am today. 

I was honored to stand in front of my peers and share that story. We have been reminded multiple times that the state of journalism today is challenging and complex. We are reminded that entering this world is an immense feat. And yet, I have watched my peers approach these challenges with such grit. Which is why I have no doubt that we’ll be more than okay. However, I wanted to be sure to include a reminder that while we’re entering this world, we have a duty to think about more than just us. We have a duty to grow, rehabilitate these relationships and be better for the generations to come. 

a person in a graduation cap and gown speaks at a podium
Gloria Rivera gives the graduate student address. (Syracuse University photo/Angela Ryan)

“As journalists and communicators, our stories are told – and our integrity is all we have. Not everything we do will change the world, but we have to make sure we’re enacting the change that we want to see in the world. Who we are today is what determines the future generation’s tomorrow, whether we get to see it or not.  

As you enter a world still riddled with inaccuracies, hypocrisy and a lack of representation, remember that you get to choose to be better. You get to determine your legacy and how you tell the stories that deserve to be told.” 

I’m still immensely humbled by this opportunity and hope that my story is an ounce of insight into how large the realm of possibilities really is. Congratulations to the Class of 2024, it’s an honor to join this industry with you all as my peers. 

Bella Tabak is Fashionably Flying Through Newhouse

In her seemingly rare moments of spare time as a Newhouse School student and co-editor of University Girl magazine, Bella Tabak can be found being launched through the air during athletic events at the JMA Wireless Dome as a member of the Syracuse University Cheer Team. 

a person poses in a cheerleading uniform

Tabak was so busy one day this past semester that she even showed up at Newhouse in her cheer gear before sprinting to the Dome to assume her lofty role as Cheer Team flyer. She was determined not to miss class.  

“I try and balance it, but sometimes I have to [prioritize] one over the other,” said Tabak, who will be a junior in the fall. “But if I could be in two places at once, I definitely would be.” 

Like many of her many Newhouse classmates, Tabak balances academics, extracurriculars and personal interests in filling her schedule. Those three areas intersect with her work at University Girl, fulfilling a passion for writing and desire to bring sustainable fashion practices to the forefront. 

A magazine, news and digital journalism (MND) major, Tabak began her journey with University Girl the summer before starting college at Syracuse. When trying out for the Syracuse Cheer Team in her senior year of high school, the eastern Connecticut native heard from a friend on the team who also worked at University Girl. She recommended Tabak for the staff, too.  

cheerleaders pose in a formation on an athletic field
Tabak (middle, top row) cheers on the Orange as a member of the Syracuse University Cheer Team.

“I ended up following [University Girl] and they posted something about how they were taking summer interns. I said, ‘Well, I’m not on campus yet, but I’ll just see. The worst that they could say was no,’” Tabak explained. “Then I ended up interning for them over the summer.” 

Less than two years later, she’s the co-editor-in-chief alongside MND senior Ellie Batten, who graduated this May. They make editorial decisions and provide direction to writers, editors, designers and photographers.  

Tabak’s favorite part of the job is writing and giving feedback to other writers.  

“Being able to make sure that my vision for my own piece is achieved – because I’m the one running the show – is very, very nice,” she said. “So much goes into [the magazine] and to be able to help guide all of the other, amazing talented women into creating something like the print magazine is super exciting.”  

Tabak was undeclared in the College of Arts and Sciences for her first year. Though she always loved writing in middle school and high school, she said she “never thought that it would be a profitable career for me, so I never really looked into it until I got to college.”  

a person in a black dress stands holding a magazine
Tabak at the launch party for the spring 2024 edition of University Girl magazine.

After spending her first year at Syracuse writing for University Girl, Tabak decided to pursue a career in fashion and pop culture journalism.  

“That’s when I was like, ‘I need to switch to Newhouse,’” she said, transferring into the school before the start of sophomore year in fall 2023.  

Within Newhouse, Tabak also joined the Fashion and Beauty Communications Milestone, a partnership between Newhouse and the College of Visual and Performing Arts (VPA). The program gives her priority access to Newhouse and VPA classes about the fashion and beauty industry. 

Using those resources, Tabak hopes to pursue a career in sustainable fashion journalism. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she researched fast fashion, which is cheap, trendy clothing that’s mass produced and quickly shipped to retail stores, leaving massive amounts of waste and pollution in its wake. 

“I found out about how horrible it is for the environment… so I started researching how I can stay away from this. I got super into thrifting,” she said.  

a person poses for a headshot
“Being able to make sure that my vision for my own piece is achieved – because I’m the one running the show – is very, very nice,” Tabak said.

Tabak took a course last semester about sustainable fashion. She said the course gave her the opportunity to combine her new knowledge of sustainable fashion with her passion for journalism. In the spring 2024 print edition of University Girl, which dropped May 3, Tabak wrote an article all about sustainability in fashion and reducing overconsumption, called “A Beginner’s Guide to Slow Fashion.”  

With the magazine finally out, Tabak jumps right into running the University Girl summer internship, which two years ago opened the magazine’s door for her. But she’s also reflecting on the work she’s done.

“Since the semester is over and I’ve looked back on all the stuff that I’ve accomplished with University Girl just this semester, I do feel really proud of myself because it takes so much.” 

Samantha Rodino is a sophomore in the television, radio and film program at the Newhouse School.

To Live and Learn in LA: The Newhouse LA Experience

If I had to sum up my experience in Los Angeles during the Syracuse University Dick Clark Los Angeles Program—which houses the Newhouse LA program—with one phrase, it would be “more than worth the price of admission.”

As someone who was born and raised on the East Coast, I always wondered what it would be like to live in Los Angeles. Before committing to Syracuse University, I was even interested in attending schools like the University of Southern California and the University of California, Los Angeles. The Newhouse LA program allowed me to spend a semester in a city I might never have had the chance to live in otherwise, and now, I have roots here that will extend far beyond my time here this semester.

a person gets mic'd up in a television studio
Joseph gets a microphone attached to his shirt before a practice take at the CBS Station in Los Angeles. (Photo courtesy of Dhani Joseph)

From the moment I arrived at the Los Angeles International Airport, I felt as if I was in a totally different world than Syracuse—and that was OK. There is no doubt that there was a transition period. From the time difference to the lowest temperature being in the mid 50s in January (although no complaints there), I knew immediately that I wasn’t in Upstate New York.

Instead of living in a South Campus apartment, I was treated to a beautifully modern apartment in Burbank with amenities like pools and a gym, among other things. And although certain buildings on the Syracuse campus —like Newhouse—are stunning in their own right, the Los Angeles program campus is brand new and has a premium feel to it. Syracuse University does an excellent job of providing everything a student needs to feel as comfortable as they would feel on campus and it’s very much appreciated.

a person stands in front of a ferris wheel at the Santa Monica pier.
At the world famous Santa Monica Pier. (Photo courtesy of Dhani Joseph)
two people stand on a beach
Joseph and his friend Danie at Venice Beach. (Photo courtesy of Dhani Joseph)

Of course, it would only be a vacation if it weren’t for the classes. I took seven classes this semester, which is definitely more than most students. But if I had to choose the most memorable courses, it would be the sports production and acting classes.

As somebody who is interested in going into the sports media field, the sports production class—part of the Newhouse LA sports media communications program—was right up my alley. Taught by Jeff Proctor, a former producer at CBS and Fox Sports, the class was all about what goes into producing a sports broadcast.

Arguably, the best part of the class was the field trips, including outings to see the Los Angeles Lakers and the G-League’s South Bay Lakers. We got a behind-the-scenes look at the production truck and the work it took to produce live sporting events.

a person gives a sports broadcast standing on a basketball court
Joseph does a live pregame hit at a South Bay Lakers game, which he attended through his sports production class. (Photo courtesy of Dhani Joseph)

In some cases, we even got to do a pregame report from the field of play that was fully produced by the same professionals that produced the game. For those interested in sports television and broadcasting, that class alone is worth the trip to Southern California.

The acting was taught by former actress Barbara Deustch. Prior to this semester, I had never taken an acting class, nor did I have any interest in doing so. However, I’m so happy that I did. Barbara started us off with improv exercises and by the end of the semester I was performing a scene from the 1992 film “A Few Good Men” in front of a large audience. I always thought acting was an innate skill, but this class taught me that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Outside of classes, I interned with Fox Sports as a features intern over the semester. Getting to work in one of the major sports channels was really cool and I got to meet producers as well as talent for studio shows such as “Speak” with Emannuel Acho, Joy Taylor and others.

When I wasn’t working on classwork and internship responsibilities, there were tons of things to do in Los Angeles. The program offered many events for us such as movie premieres, outings to a Los Angeles Dodgers game and more. We also did some community service by doing a beach clean-up at Santa Monica beach.

Without a doubt, this has been the best semester of my college career, and I am so glad I took a leap of faith to travel across the country for this program.

Dhani Joseph will be a senior in the fall in the broadcast and digital journalism program at the Newhouse School.