Your Communications Career Starts Here

At the Newhouse School, we’re training the next generation of communications leaders—professionals who are prepared to enter a rapidly changing media industry, and to shape its future.

You don’t need prior experience in communications to enroll in one of our master’s degree programs—most of which can be completed in just one year. Come to the country’s leading communications school and reap all the benefits of a Newhouse education: award-winning faculty with extensive industry experience; world-class facilities that mirror real professional settings; and an unrivaled network of alumni who are enthusiastic about helping you find career success.

Master’s Programs

Advertising (M.A.)

Our advertising program combines creativity, strategy and innovation with the latest technology and media, and trains you to present advertising ideas, conduct research, develop plans and execute strategies. You will also choose an emphasis—in areas such as brand management, cross-cultural advertising or sports promotion—to boost your career readiness. (36 credits)

Audio Arts (M.A.)

The audio arts program will help you develop entrepreneurial initiative and leadership skills across many facets of the music industry and audio arts fields. The program offers four specializations at the intersection of music and media: music industry studies, sound production and recording arts, radio horizons and music video. (36 credits)

Broadcast and Digital Journalism (M.S.)

With a curriculum built on real-world education in a digital newsroom many working journalists would envy, the broadcast and digital journalism program is designed to give you the best possible preparation for your career. You may also choose a reporting capstone experience in Washington, D.C., or a track in sports media and communications. (40-41 credits)

Goldring Arts Journalism and Communications (M.A.)

The Goldring arts journalism and communications program pioneered the concept of training journalists to cover arts and culture. A uniquely flexible combination of courses allows you to develop your expertise in your area of choice—such as architecture, film, popular culture or theater. The program includes an arts-immersion trip to New York City. (36 credits)

Magazine, News and Digital Journalism (M.A.)

In our magazine, news and digital journalism program, you will hone your skills in editing, interviewing, reporting and writing and gain experience with design, data, multimedia and social media. You may also choose a track in sports media and communications. You will leave the program with the ability to work on any story, anywhere. (37-38 credits)

Media and Education (M.A.)

Combining multimedia storytelling with foundations of education, the the media and education program allows you to bring next-level content to educational settings. If you’re an educator who wants to increase your effectiveness in the classroom, or a media professional who wants to create powerful educational content, this program is for you. (36 credits)

Multimedia, Photography and Design (M.S.)

If you’re passionate about visual storytelling, there’s a place for you in the multimedia, photography and design program. Our curriculum covers a wide range of expertise areas—from photography and videography to graphic and motion design—giving you the experience and skills for careers at news outlets, corporations, nonprofit organizations and other settings. (37 credits)

New Media Management (M.S.)

In the new media management program, you will apply innovative digital solutions to strategic communications problems in both traditional and new media businesses. This program focuses on the management, finance and marketing functions of the communications industry and prepares you to bring your skills to media giants, digital agencies and innovative startups. (36 credits)

Public Diplomacy and Global Communications (M.A.)

As a student in the public diplomacy and global communications program, you will learn from people who have done what you want to do: work with governments, organizations and international corporations to make it possible for citizens on opposite ends of the world to understand and communicate with each other. The program includes coursework in public relations and international relations, as well as a semester in Washington, D.C. (43 credits)

Public Relations (M.S.)

Our PR program will give you the foundational knowledge and hands-on skills to be job-ready on day one. Supplementing your education with internships and participation in our student-run PR firm, you’ll build a portfolio of real-world samples, and learn to help shape and lead communications operations in a range of professional settings—from PR agencies to tech companies to nonprofit organizations and everything in between. (40-40.5 credits)

Television, Radio and Film (M.A.)

Our television, radio and film program is designed for those who want to tell stories for screens of all sizes, examining entertainment media through the lenses of storytelling, industry, technology and art form. You may also choose a track in sports media and communications. You will gain the skills you need to be part of the creative, management and production processes of the entertainment industry. (36 credits)