Eric Jackson and Mylz Blake

Eric and Mylz were childhood friends and always pushed each other to get better at whatever they did. They graduated high school and took different paths, but ended up in the same class in grad school, where they launched a video and multimedia business—something they always dreamed of doing. Today that business is an award-winning agency, breaking barriers and setting new standards. And yes, Eric and Mylz are still pushing each other to get better and better.

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Eric Jackson

Eric Jackson and Mylz Blake are the co-founders of Black Cub Productions, a full service transmedia digital agency creating strategy, design and advertising for companies and consumers. They are committed to telling meaningful and motivational stories through bold and transformative creative work. The agency specializes in optimizing content to be used across multiple platforms to create unique interactions with diverse audiences. 

Jackson is the CEO and co-founder of Black Cub Productions and Blake is the COO and co-founder. Their shared experiences of growing up African American in California was marked by misrepresentation and underrepresentation. These experiences fostered a notion that the media has the ability to affirm and accurately reflect the rich, powerful and meaningful culture of African Americans—and other underrepresented cultures—in America.

Mylz Blake headshot
Mylz Blake

Jackson and Blake both ended up at Syracuse University, earning master’s degrees in multimedia, photography and design. That’s where they decided to start something. They “believe storytelling is the great equalizer, if you understand somebody’s story, even if you don’t walk the same life as them, you can connect to them,” Jackson says. This mindset fostered the inspiration for starting Black Cub Productions.