Programs and Events

Each semester, the Weiss Center hosts Social Commerce Days, a series of interactive workshops, guest lectures and visiting executive keynote speeches. Learn more about this experience and other Weiss Center programs and events.

Weiss Center programs immerse and educate students in social commerce, social media, technology, analytics and the influence they each play on our society and industry, providing them with cutting-edge skills and insight that will enable them to stand out amongst their peers as they enter the workforce.

Communications in Health Care Benchmark Trip (NYC)

The Communications in Health Care Benchmark is an all-expense paid trip to visit Real Chemistry and partner agencies in New York City. Open to Newhouse School sophomores and juniors, the benchmark trip will allow students to experience what it’s like to work at a communications agency. Attendees will take part in programming that enhances their knowledge and skills as they prepare for a career.

The 2024 trip will take place March 27-28. Applications are due March 4.

Student Workshops

Subject matter experts from Real Chemistry lead several interactive student workshops spanning topics from analytics to crisis management to linguistics. Open to all students, these hands-on events allow students to collaborate with peers and dive head-first into real-world case studies.

Guest Class Lectures

Bringing Real Chemistry’s broad range of expertise into the classroom, the Real Chemistry staff lead guest lectures in several Newhouse courses ranging from introductory level classes to graduate level. Through these interactive presentations, the team shares insights on everything from analytics and measurement to integrated marketing, corporate relevance and earned media strategy.  

Student Organization Events

The Weiss Center partners with several student organizations —including student-run PR firm Hill Communications and student-run advertising firm TNH—to host panels, networking and workshop events with both visiting executives and the Real Chemistry team. These opportunities equip students with additional exposure to key industry leaders and lessons that can be integrated back into their organizations.

Visiting Executive Series

The highlight of every Social Commerce Days is a keynote presentation from a notable visiting executive who shares insights into the most pressing issues and opportunities their company is facing. Past visiting executives have included the vice president of global communications and public affairs at Google, the senior vice president of investor relations and global communications at Merck and the vice president of communications at Harley-Davidson.

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