Executive Speaker Series

The Weiss Center regularly invites industry leaders to the Newhouse School to share their experience and knowledge with students.

Here are some of the speakers who have come to the Newhouse School as guests of the Weiss Center:

Jim Weiss
Founder & CEO, W2O/Real Chemistry
Founder, Weiss Center

Jennifer Gottlieb
Global President, W2O/Real Chemistry

Jon Iwata
Executive Fellow, Yale School of Management
Former Communications/Marketing Leader at IBM

Alberto Canal
Former Director of Corporate Communications, IBM

Corey duBrowa
Vice President of Global Communications and Public Affairs, Google and Alphabet

Teri Loxam
Former Senior Vice President of Investor Relations and Global Communications, Merck

Jim Olson
Former Corporate Communications Leader at Starbucks, United Airlines; Professor of Practice at the Newhouse School

Dave Samson
Former General Manager of Public Affairs, Chevron

Joanne Bischmann
Former Vice President of Communications, Harley-Davidson

Chris Preuss
Former Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Delphi Automotive

Craig Rothenberg
Former Vice President of Corporate Communications at Johnson & Johnson

Rob Clark
Former Vice President of Global Communications, Medtronic

Torod Neptune
Former Vice President & Chief Communications Officer, Verizon Communications, Inc.