Previous Winners


Student Grant: Isabella Bernal, “As American As Apple Pie

Professional Grant: Katie Orlinsky, “Chasing Winter


Student Grant: Boyuan Zhang, “Jiang Nan

Professional Grant: Rena Effendi, “Spirit Lake


Student Grant: Monica Jorge, “My Grandfather’s Keeper

Professional Grant: Sarah Blesener, “Beckon Us From Home


Student Grant: Nathaniel Brunt, “#shaheed: A Study of the War in the Kashmir Valley”

Professional Grant: Aaron Vincent Elkaim, “Where The River Runs Through: Life in the Amazon Dam Boom


Student Grant: Michael Santiago, “Stolen Land, Stolen Future:  The Legacy of Black Farmers in the U.S.

Professional Grant: Paolo Marchetti, “The Price of Vanity: Worldwide Skin Market


Student Grant: Mehran Hamrahi, “Iranian People, Ordinary or Criminals?

Professional Grant: Mary F. Calvert, “Missing in Action: Homeless Women Veterans

Professional Grant Winner: Sebastián Liste, “The New Culture of Violence in Latin America”


Student Grant: Sara Naomi Lewkowicz, “Shane and Maggie: An Intimate Look at Domestic Violence”

Professional Grant: Abir Abdullah, “The Deadly Cost of Cheap Clothing: Dangers in Bangladesh’s Garment Industry


Student Grant: Katie Orlinsky, “Innocence Assassinated: Living in Mexico’s Drug War”

Professional Grant: Justin Maxon, “Heaven’s Gain: Urban Gun Violence”

Women’s Initiative Grant: Tim Matsui, “Leaving the Life”


Student Grant: Amanda Berg, “Keg Stand Queens: Binge Drinking Among College-Aged Women

Student Grant: Bob Miller, “Fighting For A Voice: Young Kenyans Building a Future”

Professional Grant: Ami Vitale, “Tradition and Women’s Rights in Guinea Bissau, Africa, Update”


Student Grant: Juliette Lynch, “Teenage Girls in Trouble”

Professional Grant: A K M Shehab Uddin, “Pavement Dwellers: Homeless Living in Dhaka & Kolkata

Professional Grant: Louie Palu, “Kandahar”


Student Grant: Carl Kiilsgaard, “Kinship in Rural Eastern Kentucky”

Student Grant: Yanina Manolova, “Destiny: A Child of Drug-Addicted Mother in Appalachia”

Professional Grant: Walter Astrada, “Undesired: Violence Against Women in India


Student Grant: Matt Eich, “Carry Me Ohio: The Cycle of Poverty in Appalachia”

Professional Grant: Stephanie Sinclair, “The Bride Price: Child Marriage in India”


Student Grant: Jeffrey Fehder, “In the Shadow of the Wall: the Palestinian town of Qalqilyah”


Student Grant: Melanie Blanding, “Congo’s Silent Scream: Sexual Violence Against Women in the Congo”

Professional Grant: Balazs Gardi, “Afghanistan – Between War and Peace”


Student Grant: Erika Schultz, “Retirees in Arizona”

Professional Grant: Marcus Bleasdale, “The Rape of a Nation: Oil Exploitation in Central Africa”


Student Grant: Marie Arago, “Cuban Families”

Professional Grant: Francesco Zizola, “Faultline: the Nuba in Sudan”

Professional Grant: Roger LeMoyne, “Gold, Guns and Germs: The Effects of Conflict in the DR Congo”


Student Grant: Christopher Capozziello, “For God, Race and Country

Professional Grant: Matt Black, “The Forgotten Black Okies: A Lost Journey into a Land of Broken Promises


Student Grant: Justin J. Yurkanin, “Food Aid in Southern Sudan”

Professional Grant: Kai Wiedenhöfer, “The Young Generation in Iran”


Student Grant: Tom Mason, “No Looking Back: A Two-Year Old Orphan’s Adoption Journey from Siberia to Dallas”

Professional Grant: Jan Dago, “Civil War in Sierra Leone”


Student Grant: Logan Mock-Bunting, “Chiapas, Mexico: Life Outside of War for Zapatistas”

Professional Grant: Ami Vitale, “Tradition, Women’s Rights and FGM in Guinea Bissau, Africa”


Student Grant: Melissa Lyttle, “Building a Family: Adoption by Same-Sex Partners”

Professional Grant: Teru Kuwayama, “Children of the Sun: Tibet in Exile”


Student Grant: Eric Grigorian, “A Look Inside Iran”

Professional Grant: Heidi Bradner, “Caucasian Tinderbox: War in the Caucasus”


Student Grant: Rami Maalouf, “Where’s the Peace: the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict”

Professional Grant: Peggy Peattie, “Down in Dixie: The Battle to Remove the Confederate Flag in South Carolina”


Student Grant: Ezra Shaw, “The Children of Chernobyl Affected by Cancer”


Student Grant: Laura Kleinhenz, “Chernobyl Children’s Center, Tarara, Cuba”


Student Grant: Jenafer Gillingham, “Aging in the UK”


Student Grant: Liu Xin, “Education in Guizhou, China”


Student Grant: Tamara Voninski, “One of the Boys”