Students in the advanced military visual journalism program learn to tell a story with images and words. This program trades on the technical knowledge you already possess, and gives you an education in communications to take those skills to the next level. The Newhouse School combines advanced skills training with a deep understanding of contemporary visual communications.

Newhouse classes are taught by some of the industry’s finest professionals, dedicated to sharing their knowledge and meeting one-on-one with students to help them build their skills.

Students learn how to create professional, high-impact communications. The servicemember who spends a year studying at Newhouse will leave the program with knowledge to draw on for the rest of their lives.

Advanced Military Photojournalism

Unlock your potential in the advanced military photojournalism program. You’ll get hands-on guidance from award-winning industry experts to elevate your skills. The faculty has a rich history of contributing to publications such as TIME and National Geographic. Along with photo classes, you will take classes in sound, communications, multimedia storytelling, writing, and design.

Advanced Military Motion Media

Rise to another level in storytelling. Learn from accomplished industry experts in multimedia storytelling who are still active in their field and on the cutting edge of AI. Take classes in digital and broadcast journalism, documentary production, lighting, sound, nonfiction storytelling, motion graphics and writing.

Advanced Military Graphic Design

Learn from faculty that have written the textbooks. Dive into classes on typography, motion graphics and immersive design. As the newest track in the advanced military visual journalism program, graduates are equipped with pioneering skills yet to be introduced into the fleet.