Empire State School Press Association (ESSPA)

The Newhouse School is the headquarters of the Empire State School Press Association (ESSPA), which has provided education, resources and recognition to high school journalists since 1937.

Since its founding, ESSPA has supported and inspired high school journalists from across New York State. The program includes an annual contest and conference for students and their advisers.

ESSPA was co-founded in 1937 by M. Lyle Spencer, dean of what was then the School of Journalism at Syracuse University, and journalism professor Douglass W. Miller, who became the first executive secretary. In the beginning, the organization was supported by a board of several directors—all teachers from high schools around the state.

As journalism continues to evolve, we seek to inspire scholastic journalists and recognize the value of the content they create.

For more information, please contact ESSPA director Christina Kinsey at cmkinsey@syr.edu.