Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture

The Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture is headed by Professor Bob Thompson, one of the most well-known and widely-quoted popular culture experts in the world.

The center, located at 430 Newhouse 3, serves as a venue for the exploration of TV and popular culture issues and history. It houses a large archive of television scripts and history, including the videotaped memories of such television pioneers as Steve Allen, Daniel Schorr and Betty White. The center presents major industry figures as artists-in-residence, sponsors symposia on critical issues in television and oversees the publication of a Syracuse University Press series of books on television.

Students from the Newhouse School and across Syracuse University have the opportunity to enroll in courses taught by faculty associated with the center. Topics include television criticism, issues in popular culture, the history of television programming from 1945 to the present and the television/film business.