Visual Communications Workshops

Visual communications workshops bring industry professionals to work directly with students to complete a challenge over several days.

The Alexia Fall Workshop

The Alexia Fall Workshop gives photography students the opportunity to tell visual stories about the world around them.

Founded by the visual communications faculty in 1999, the workshop brings top professionals from around the world to join our professors as we push students to identify, observe and artfully communicate the core of who we are and the issues we face in everyday life. In the process, students learn to better use still photography, audio, video, motion graphics, design and words to become exceptional storytellers who engage the community.

Pixels & Print

Pixels & Print is a design workshop for visual communications students, which gives them the opportunity to create deigns for social good. The mission for this workshop is to have the design students see the power of design by designing for a deserving organization or business.

Students are separated into teams coached by industry professionals. During the 48-hour workshop, students design a logo and brand system, a website, promotional and social motion graphics, as well as printed book.