Newhouse’s television, radio and film program offers you learning opportunities in and out of the classroom.

You’ll learn in a program that prepares students for careers in creative storytelling across the entertainment media spectrum. Experiences like the Newhouse LA and Newhouse NYC programs, student media outlets like Orange Television Network and resources like the Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture enhance your education and allow you to tailor it to your interests and goals.

You will complete an extensive core of school and department requirements over your first two years.  At end of your sophomore year, you will work with your faculty advisor to choose one of seven tracks of advanced study best suited to your goals and interests.

Selected courses:


Sight, Sound and Motion

Study and practice of the aesthetic structures and production processes involved in creating effective motion picture, television and sound content.



Exploring the craft of writing involved in motion picture, television and digital media storytelling through in-depth study and practice.


Principles and Practices: Television-Radio, Film Industries

Origins and dynamics of corporate structures, revenue models, content, distribution and regulation in the television, radio, film and interactive media industries.