Careers in Public Relations

Public relations professionals provide a variety of services for their clients, from writing press releases to planning special events and monitoring how a company is covered in the media.

Different Types of Public Relations Jobs

PR includes corporate relations, which conveys business issues to employees, stock-holders and investors; community relations, which covers company interaction with local, national and international populations; and marketing communications, which ensures that a company and its products receive media coverage.

Here are what some recent public relations graduates are doing now:

Emily Irgang ’18

Global Communications Manager

Tanner Garza G’23

Account Associate
Real Chemistry

Michael Spencer G’22

Public Relations Coordinator

Donnetta Monk G’20

Communications Coordinator
Warner Bros. Discovery

Alyssa Gray G’19

Communications Associate
The Supreme Court of the United States

Marki Conway G’10

Vice President
PAN Communications

Lindsay (McCluskey) Maxwell G’08

Associate Professor of Public Relations
SUNY Oswego

Cierra Johnson