Build strong writing and presentation skills and learn the principles and processes behind effective communications management.

You will learn the principles, processes, skills, and management of public relations programs designed to attain or maintain interorganizational or social accord.

Selectd courses:


Public Relations Principles and Practice

Introduction to the field of public relations, its history and future; careers; job requirements; role as management function building two-way communications for organizations and their publics; ethics and social responsibility; social media trends; and emerging technology.


Writing for Public Relations: Media and Messaging

Introduction to the strategic writing process, strategic storytelling, media relations and pitching techniques. Understanding audiences, professional writing skills using AP style, teamwork, planning and presentation skills.


Public Relations Cases and Campaigns

Students apply management, strategic planning, problem solving, tactics and research to client needs. Teams design, execute and evaluate appropriate integrated campaigns for actual clients. Frequent client/team contact and interaction required.