Students in the magazine, news and digital journalism program learn to meet the challenges of a complex and evolving industry. 

In small classes taught by industry professionals, students develop their ability to create content for a variety of audiences and platforms. Our faculty come from award-winning magazines, news organizations and websites. Develop your skill set and passions with electives such as visual design, social media, political reporting and data journalism. The curriculum also includes diversity issues, law, and ethics.

In addition to completing core courses, students will choose to complete one of three tracks: Magazine, News or Digital.

Selected courses:

MND 406

Magazine Article Writing

Writing magazine articles, covering topics including idea development, pitching, research and sources, organization, audience. Students write one full-length article along with other classic article types. 


Visual News Reporting

Explore ways of telling compelling stories by utusing various forms of digital media, combining audio, still images and motion to advance narratives beyond the printed page.


Using Data to Tell Stories

This class covers developing a data story idea and finding public records, data analysis, storytelling and developing data-driven interactives. Skills covered include using FOIA, spreadsheets, relational databases and an introduction to big data.