Master’s in Audio Arts

Female student works audio board during a recording session

Are You Interested in Careers in the Music Industry? 

Thanks to the growth of streaming subscription services, the music industry continues to be in a period of massive, sustained growth. And thanks to emerging platforms, channels and technologies, the need for talented and trained audio expertise is greater than it has ever been.

The audio arts program offers career paths into both the business and studio sides of music. Whatever your interest in these fields, audio arts offers an unparalleled mix of world-class instruction, hands-on industry experience and networking with our famed Syracuse alumni and the music industry at large. 

Audio Arts Master’s Program Basics

The audio arts master’s is a 14-month program, offering specializations in both music industry studies, sound production and recording arts. With a true multi-disciplinary approach, the audio arts graduate program is run as a partnership between the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications and the College of Visual and Performing Arts. Students have access to resources in both colleges, including the cutting-edge Dick Clark Studios in the Newhouse Studio and Innovation Center.  

Who Should Attend this Audio Arts Graduate Program?

If you are interested in getting your start in the music industry, you will learn the basics needed to excel in your first roles in the music business or in studio environments. This is true if you’re interested in refining and focusing your undergraduate studies, or if you have never formally studied the music business or studio work but are interested in making a career or directional change. 

Why Get a Master’s in Audio Arts?

In addition to world-class instruction, you will be able to take classes and network with top students on campus, including the future leaders in the top-ranked, undergraduate Bandier Program for Recording and Entertainment Industries. Of course, audio arts students will have a world of previous Syracuse graduates to network with; our alumni are some of the most passionate and committed in the world. If you’re serious about a career in the music business or the audio arts, our program gives you the skills, tools and networks you need to accomplish your goals. 

What Does the Audio Arts Curriculum Look Like?

Our curriculum is designed to be flexible and to meet your goals and desired career paths. You will start with foundational classes in the broad music business and basic studio techniques, then work with your advisor to choose classes across Newhouse, the College of Visual and Performing Arts and elsewhere at Syracuse (including our technology-focused School of Information Studies) that will create the necessary expertise for your individualized path. Students interested in the music business will take graduate versions of courses in the top-ranked, undergraduate Bandier Program.

What Real Life Experiences Will I Have While in the Audio Arts Grad Program?

All courses are industry-facing, with a focus on teaching the exact industry approaches and skills you need to succeed. Beyond this, you will be required to complete one professional internship. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the industry via our annual benchmark trip to Los Angeles where we sit with iconic studios, cutting-edge production houses and top music industry companies. 

How is the Field of Audio Arts Evolving?

Both the music business and audio fields are evolving rapidly. Surround sound mixing is becoming the norm for music and for virtual and augmented reality spaces. Ease and low cost of music distribution means that artists have more choices than ever about how to reach their fans—and more need than ever for expertise and authoritative guidance. Emerging technologies from the metaverse and NFTs to AI and generative sound are creating new opportunities for talented and opportunistic professionals every day. 

What is the Philosophy of the Audio Arts Program at Newhouse?

It goes without saying that our program leans into teaching you the core skills and building the relationships you need to succeed. But as a professional school, Newhouse also understands that in a world of talented, dedicated professionals, individual mindset and approach can be the differentiators. The audio arts program strives to develop individuals who can think strategically, set goals and hold themselves accountable to their results. We believe in integrity, resourcefulness, resilience and excellence, and your experience in this program will be shaped by these core tenets. 

Application Deadline

Application materials must be submitted by January 15 for priority consideration. Applications continue to be reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the spring if space is available.

For more information about the M.A. in audio arts, contact Professor Patrick MacDougall (, Program Co-Director.

For more information about graduate studies at the Newhouse School, contact Martha Coria (, Assistant Director of Graduate Programs.