Distinguished Goldring Scholarships

Financial aid is available for highly qualified students thanks to a generous gift from program founder and Syracuse University Trustee Lola Goldring and her husband, Allen.

Above: Goldring students at the Glimmerglass festival.

This includes five competitive Distinguished Goldring Scholarships, comprising $20,000 awards for talented emerging journalists in the fields of:

Who is eligible for the Distinguished Goldring Scholarships?

All Goldring program applicants are eligible upon completion of the application process. Be sure to indicate your wish to be considered for financial aid and remember that you must submit a special scholarship application essay in order to be considered.

How are applicants chosen for the scholarships?

The Goldring Scholarship Committee will read all applications, including the required scholarship application essay. The director will interview the candidates and make recommendations to the committee. The program reserves the right to not award all five Distinguished Scholarships in a given year.

When will I be notified if I’ve received the Distinguished Goldring Scholarship or other financial aid?

Admittance notification is sent to applicants on March 1. Financial aid offers and scholarship notifications are sent on April 1.

How do I apply for the Distinguished Goldring Scholarship?

Please write a 1,000-word essay about the state of your field of cultural concentration (film/television; theater; visual arts/architecture; music/dance; or the politics of culture) and analyze the writers and publications that have informed your perspective. Tell us your career goals and what you will bring to your field of endeavor in the future.