Master’s in Advertising Curriculum

The advertising master’s curriculum at the Newhouse School reflects the dynamism of the industry, helping you develop professional strategies to succeed and thrive in positions at advertising agencies, traditional and social media companies, technology companies, corporate marketing departments, startups and tech firms.

Customize the curriculum to your goals by choosing an interest area such as digital engagement, interactive design, data/strategic analytics and native advertising/content marketing.

Advertising Master’s Program Schedule

Summer Session II – 6 credits (July)

ADV 611Strategic Principles and Practices
The fundamentals of strategic planning as practiced in advertising including problem assessment, competitive analysis, target market profile, brand positioning, opportunity recognition, creative platform, and creative executions.
3 credits
VIS 607Graphic Design Fundamentals
Teaches the principles of visual communication and graphic design. The course covers visual problem-solving, which includes conceptualization, typography, layout, image editing, and production of print and digital platforms. This course will have additional lab work
3 credits

Fall Semester – 12 credits

ADV 604Seminar in Advertising Practice and Leadership
Examination of advertising with the modern business structure; corporation; agency and media relationships; analysis of creative, research, and planning aspects. Limited to graduate students who have had no general course in advertising.
3 credits
ADV 612Strategic Brain: Account Planning and Research
Study the strategic findings of consumer research attuned to the emotions and thoughts of target audiences. Most importantly, students explore how to obtain key kernels of knowledge and emotion that will make advertising campaigns successful.
3 credits
ADV 613Strategic Brain: Media Planning
Learn how to create media plans including both traditional and digital advertising media vehicles. It’s a strategic and creative part of the entire brand-communications program that provides solutions on costs, coverage, effectiveness, and scheduling.
3 credits
Elective (See Academic Interest)3 credits

Spring Semester – 12 credits

COM 697Advertising and Public Relations Law
Students will learn the fundamental cases and laws that apply to the advertising and public relations fields.  Topics include First Amendment, corporate speech, intellectual property, defamation and advertising regulation.
3 credits
ADV 615Creative Brain
Gain a thorough understanding of how advertising ideas are developed and spread across a variety of media choices. Learn to build a bridge across the historic divide that separates account managers from their creative colleagues.
3 credits
ADV/ICC 523Digital Branding and Strategy
Examines the transformative role that digital media (websites, social networks, blogs, wikis, mobile) have on the advertising industry. How consumers are reached and interpret the message from these digital platforms.
3 credits
Elective (See Academic Interest)3 credits

Summer Session I – 6 credits

ADV 625Integrated Advertising Campaigns
Apply the skills learned from the graduate course work and develop integrated advertising campaigns for real clients. Move from a thorough understanding of advertising to becoming an active practitioner of the craft, intensive and hands-on experience.
6 credits

Advertising Fields of Specialization / Academic Interest

Students have the opportunity to complete an interest area that relates to their individual career goals. Faculty advisers will work with students to select two electives that build a critical understanding in their selected specialization.
Courses are offered in — but are not limited to —the following interest areas:

Electives with a focus on branding, data, design, fashion, insights, marketing, research, production, social media, sports promotion, strategy, or video are highly recommended.