Advanced Media Management Curriculum

As a advanced media management student, you will work closely with faculty members across disciplines such as generative artificial intelligence, content marketing, and product and web development in a guided, professional digital-communication experience in our state-of-the-art facilities.

You’ll take a total of 36 credits, six of which are in the Whitman School of Management—Syracuse University’s top-ranked business school.

Featured Courses

MMI 625
Advanced Media Business

Taught by media and tech guru Shelly Palmer, this course looks at the intersection of big tech, big media, and big brands to examine business models and the impact of new media such as blockchain, gaming, augmented reality, and virtual reality.

MMI 680
Topics in Advanced Media Management

In this course you will discuss and explore an advanced media topic such as generative AI and synthetic media or Web3. During this semester you will travel to NYC for an immersion with alumni and tour major media organizations.

MMI 665
Web Development & Design for Media

This course is an introduction to digital product development. You’ll learn the basic building blocks of the web, basic coding, wireframing, and understand what it takes to build an interactive web product from the ground up.

Explore Electives

Design your own experience by choosing from a number of courses in the Newhouse School, Whitman School, iSchool, and others across campus.

MMI 634
Trendspotting in Digital Media

So what’s next in digital media? The truth is we don’t know. It’s impossible to predict the future. But we can learn to look for the tips, forces, voices, and clues to see what the next big trend could be. Develop strategies for keeping your eyes on the future.

MND 613
Emerging Media Platforms

Strap on an Oculus Quest and learn how to tell stories interactively. This skills-based course will help you identify and embrace opportunities posed by emerging media technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and 360-degree video.

MMI 510
Entrepreneurial Thinking for Media Professionals

Learn the entrepreneurial concepts that media professionals need to know through case studies and hands-on exercises. In the face of media changes and disruption, even established and high-growth media companies are seeking individuals who think like entrepreneurs.

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Advanced Media Management Master’s Program Schedule

Summer Session II (6 credits):

MMI 617The Changing Media Landscape 3
COM 698Media Law3

Fall Semester (12 credits):

MMI 665Web Development & Design for Media3
MMI 606Content Management, Development &
MMI 625Advanced Media Business3
MBC 631Financial Accounting3

Spring Semester (12 credits):

MMI 680Topics in Advanced Media Management
(Pre-req: MMI 606 and MMI 625)
MMI 675Advanced Web Design
(Pre-req: MMI 665)
SCM 651Business Analytics
Advanced Media Management elective
(Chosen with program director)

Summer Session I (6 credits):

MMI 689Advanced Media Management Capstone6

Total credits: 36*

*Students without a prior communications background must complete an additional six credits in Newhouse coursework chosen with guidance from the program director.