DEIA Initiatives

Activities that foster diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility are prominent at Newhouse. Support can be found thoughout our school, including the curriculum, procedures for hiring and recruitment, and cocurricular and extracurricular activities.

Curriculum: The Newhouse School offers courses that explore issues of diversity in various media and types of media content, as well as courses that study concepts of identity, stereotypes, racism, misogyny and other issues.

DEIA Committee: A committee of faculty, staff and students supports the school’s efforts to enhance diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility through programming, information gathering and advocacy.

Commitment to diversity in hiring: Search committees work to produce diverse applicant pools for faculty and staff positions through targeted advertising and recruiting.

Leaders in Communications: This monthly speaker series brings media leaders, influencers and newsmakers to the Newhouse School for candid and insightful conversations with students and other guests. With a special emphasis on current trends and challenges, the series helps students stay up to date with the quickly changing communications industry. The series also offers valuable networking and learning opportunities, as guests visit classrooms or student organizations in addition to participating in the public conversation.

Conversation on Race and Entertainment Media: This annual event features figures in the entertainment industry discussing issues of concern to an increasingly diverse industry and audience.

Inclusion at Newhouse: These regular, generally agenda-free open forums allow students—especially those from marginalized identities—to discuss their experiences and find support from peers, faculty and staff.

Newhouse Ambassadors: Students from diverse backgrounds participate in the recruitment of undergraduate students through the Office of Admissions, and establish the Newhouse Office of Recruitment and Diversity as a support space for students.

Multimedia Resource Library: The Newhouse faculty maintains a growing collection of media and communications-related articles, audio and video pieces on issues in diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility.

Margins: This group of Newhouse alumni reach back to the school to support students of color, LGBTQ+ students and international students. Currently recruiting members, Margins helps current students navigate life at Syracuse University, and connects them with strong career role models.

Support: The Newhouse School has created opportunities for donors to direct their support to a number of funds designed to honor our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Learn more about the Newhouse School’s Forever Orange DEI initiatives.

Syracuse University is committed to inclusivity at every touchpoint. As a unified and deeply connected community, we are committed to creating an environment that’s accessible to all. Learn more about accessibility programs, services and resources at the University.